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  1. Brightness is working on my Acer Aspire 4740 (Intel Core i5 430M) but I have two little problems : 1st. When I use the Functions Keys (Fn + Left Arrow and Fn + Right Arrow) to change to Brightness intensity, is only working the Fn + Right Arrow to increase brightness but I can't decrease the brightness, I need to go to System Preferences to decrease brightness with the bar. 2nd. When I reboot/shutdown the laptop, the brightness values are reseted to the maximum value so I must adjust the brightness values again. Please, is there a solution for this ?
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    Chameleon 2.0RC1 vs BootThink | problemas-unidad DVD

    Hola aprovechando este post quiero mostrarles el problema que tengo : como veran solo tengo dos sistemas operativos Vista y Leopard los demas son particiones para almacernar archivos y no deberian estar ahi (NFS y Unknown NTFS), quisiera saber como puedo eliminar estas opciones que estan sobrando, la configuracion de mis discos es la siguiente : Disco Duro Nº 1: - Primera Particion (Primaria, Activa) : Windows Business Vista x64 - Segunda Particion (Primaria) : OSX Leopard 10.5.7 (Distribucion iPC) - Tercera Particion (Primaria) : Formateada en NTFS para almacenar archivos Disco Duro Nº 2 : - Primera Particion (Primaria) : 100% de espacio utilizado para almacenar archivos, formateado en NTFS
  3. Hi, I have a PC which has two hard disks : 1st Hard Disk : - First Partition (Primary, Active): Windows Vista x64 - Second Partition (Primary): MAC OSX Leopard 10.5.7 (iPC Distribution) - Third partition (Primary): NTFS formatted for files and data storage 2nd Hard Disk : -Single Partition (Primary) : NTFS Formatted for files and data storage too Now .... this is my problem : When installed Chameleon all partitions appear as different operating systems but the only operating systems are Vista and Leopard, the others are just for data storage discs I would like to know how can I remove those storage discs from the boot screen and just show Vista and Leopard only Thanks.