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  1. Intel 82547

    Hi Guys, I could use a tip here.... I just installed 10.9 Dp1 on my Dual Hack (2 x W5580 on Supermicro X8DAI) Installed w/o issues, just My Intel Lan which was working OOB on 10.8 is not recognized... any Ideas? I have ethernet built as yes on my Plist... otherwise all extra folder content same as 10.8.4 thx in avance for any useful hints.
  2. Geekbench your System | echter mac oder doch nicht?

    My Hackintosh (mac pro 4,1) recognizes correctly 2 x 3.2GHZ INtel Xeon, but Geek only shows 1 cpu with 16 threads.. any tips? SOLVED.. Geekbench 2.1.6 shows both CPU´s correctly
  3. GTX260 Core216 [joint tutorial]

    Hi Guys, I had some problems with my GTX285.. The usual stuff black screen etc. I solved it quite simply, Newest NVEnabler from Netkas, ´GTX285 EFI string from Newest EFI Studio.. NVEnabler in Extra folder und EFI string in com.apple.boot.plist now the card is fully recognized and fully accelerated.
  4. Getting Snow Leopard to recognize your CPU

    HI guys, I have finally managed to get my Dual Xeon running 10.6.3 perfectly.. 8 cores and 16 simultaneous Threads.. is awesome Running 2 x W5580 Xeons on a Supermicro X8DAi Mobo. Both Lan work and were both automatically recognized by SL. I installed my PC EFI 10.6 to a small USB stick with the necessery Kexts that way my Installation is Pure Vanilla. I only installed one Kext to HDD (Audio) even the NVEnablers for my GTX285 (was a pain in the A**) are on the usb Stick. Screen shot as proof attached. I can warmly recommend these Supermicro Boards, no hassle works great. Hmm, so now this is done I need a new project