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  1. EP45 UD3L with mac bios and no sound

    yes im pretty sure its alc888 but i cant find the right kexts for it that work with the mac bios
  2. hi. i have been around here for a while and successfully installed snow leopard on my ud3l with catris custom mac bios. everything works fantastically. everything but sound that is there are many different kexts that are supposed to work but i am unsure which one works for the ud3l. i understand with the mac bios sound should be easy to get owrking but i still cannot find the kext for me any help?
  3. will try this as soon as windows 7 has finished downloading. right now i have one hard drive and snow leopard installed and i am typing from this. do i just make an ntfs partition in disk utility and then install windows 7 onto that or what do i do?
  4. need help for installation badly!

    UPDATE: can get it to boot to the boot cd now but after inserting the snow leopard disk and pushing enter after the chameleon logo comes up i get the little error box any ideas?
  5. specs: motherboard: asus p5q.(not pro or se or se2 or deluxe or wateva just p5q) video card: ati radeon 3800 hd series dvd drive: asus drw-20b1lt cpu: intel core2 duo e8400 problem: when found good tutorial for p5q and when trying to boot the bootcd from the bios menu, it does not recognize the dvd drive, so i cannot boot the cd preventing me form install mac also could not find a mac bios for the regular asus p5q. only em pro deluxe and se2 could we plz get a custom bios made for us or some instructions on how to get the pc to recognize the dvd drive and the cd in it thanks in advance stckman10000000
  6. need a little help please

    Never mind about the above post after some sccessful editing I now have a working snow leopard install wit quartz extreme. The last things I need to do is get sound working and wifi. How do I get sound working on the ud3l oe even better yet sound on my creative x fi express also I have a g510 rev c and I know that doesn't work on osx86 so is it possible to get wifi through my iPod touch or nokia 5800 thanks guys all of you have been a great help
  7. need a little help please

    Correct me if I'm wrong but this is the bootloader?? And after I have done this I do what someone suggested above put the fakesmc kext in the extra folder and that's it I'm done?? Also do I try and get my 4890 to work before or after the first reboot
  8. need a little help please

    wEll I need someone to helpe installing pc efi so I can have the extra folder there aswell before I restart
  9. need a little help please

    An anyone else help thanks for yor help mumford
  10. need a little help please

    Will chameleon work with my ati HD 4890 or will I need to use pc efi. If so do I install it with the pc efi installer . Lastly I'm pretty sure pc efi doesn't make an extra folder as chameleon does
  11. need a little help please

    Well thanks for the reply guys and I'll try and shed a little more info Well first things first I don't have an 8 gb USB or portable hard drive. I assumed I would just be able to install it off the disc anyway installing off the disc works fine and booting with the kakewalk DVD then putting in retail to boot sl no kp no nothing it works fine. As usual the register your product comes up etc etc. Now this is the part where I get confused and am unsure on what to do. I understand I don't need a dsdt. Aml because of the mac bios i have and I understand that I need to install a bootloader bit I am unsure what one to use that supports my HD 4890. Also what do I need to do with the extra folder and stuff I'm a little confused
  12. can anyone help me install this on a ud3l should i follow this guide and should i make any variations more info is here http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=213289
  13. can any of ou guys help me with this motherboard im having a really hard time getting it to work heres the trhead http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=213289
  14. need a little help please

    well im having a really hard time installing snow leopard on my ud3l. my specs ga ep45 ud3l q9550 hd 4890 i dont know what guide to follow because none of them seem to be working for me and its not any easier with the hd4890 if this helps at all i have used catris bios for the ud3l and i have a blank hard drive formatted a guid so everything is good to go. hope you guys can help
  15. well seeing as this is really hard i tried this as a drastic measure http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;#entry1429134 will try and install snow leopard after doing this and will look at netkas site for the h44890 with out flashing it