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  1. I'm thinking of trying out OSX for fun, but I'm completely new to this {censored} and will use the methods in this guide since it seems pretty straight forward and easy. I'm going to buy the following parts: Shopping list (Norwegian page, easy to read specs and so on) The following parts will also be used Processor: Intel Core Duo E4400, to my knowledge it supports SSE 2 & 3 Memory: 2GB Corsair Twin2X something Graphics: Nvidia Geforce 250GTS All in all I'm guessing that this will work fine considering I'm buying the same MB as used in ths guide. My main concern lies in the graphics card. I've read that the 9800-cards work fine, and to my knowledge the 250GTS card is just a modified 9800 card(please correct me if I am wrong). So I'm assuming this will work itself out pretty nicely. All feedback is appreciated.