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  1. Reboot to Windows

    WOW so no more holding the option key. If only i could reboot my mac using the remote !! that would be FUN
  2. Reboot to Windows

    is there also a compliment program in windows that will do the opposite ? If yes the I am more than interested
  3. Reboot to Windows

    Any news on this? Has someone found this magic key
  4. Shared drive Mac <-> Win

    This would be really great (and interesting!)
  5. Is there a known guide on how to have a 3 partition iMac
  6. Shared drive Mac <-> Win

    would PartitionMagic work?
  7. Shared drive Mac <-> Win

    If I get this correct I would not be able to WRITE using OSX right?
  8. Shared drive Mac <-> Win

    OS X can't write to an NTFS partition (at least that is what I know)
  9. Shared drive Mac <-> Win

    the 100G is not FAT it is NTFS. I plan to use 50 for NTFS and 50 for FAT to share the data. The question now is how to do this given that I have both the OS's installed. don't want to rebuild the iMac (again!!)
  10. Shared drive Mac <-> Win

    I am new to macs hence these (stupid) questions: 1. can i create a partition without reinstalling the current set up? 2. do i create the partition from win or mac (any tools pl or just plain old fdisk ) 3. can this fat32 partition be of any lenght ? or just 32 G?
  11. I just got my 20" iMac and installed WinXP using Bootcamp. I wanted to know if there is anyway to have a shared drive so that I can keep all my picutres/music/data etc shared between the OS's ? Currently I have 100G for Win and the rest for Mac OS thanks for all your help