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  1. can't get nvidia web driver working for gtx 970

    Thank you for the reply first answer is yes i usr hdmi cable and trying to boot el capitan 10.11.1 and clover is indtaled on the hard drive so ! Can you direct me to a thread guid to make bootable usb with enoch if is there a way i can do a fresh instal to see if it works and again thank you for your time
  2. can't get nvidia web driver working for gtx 970

    i set every boot flag and used the patched kext and tried it ! still the only way i can boot is with nv_disable=1 ! i also tried smbios 15.1 and 14.2 and 3.1 with patched kexts and 6.1 with editing the config and with patched one ! stil the same ! :/ this is my clover file the one that i instaled the system with befor i begin try any solution see if there any problem in it that probebly cause this http://uptobox.com/4x95cam289sa
  3. can't get nvidia web driver working for gtx 970

    i tried it still black screen and display save mode !:/
  4. Is there a solution to gtx 970 to make it work with nvidia web driver ? Still cant boot without nv_disable=1 when i instal the web driver i replace it the nvda_drv=1 so after clover bootloader i get black screen and display goes save mode my reg is asus maximus viii hero + i5-6600k and gigabyte gtx 970 4gb g1 i already tried change smbios to 14.2 and 15. and apply this fix in this thread xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx but i get no luck still the same thing
  5. Help for sound IDT 92HD87B1 for Lion & MLION

    im searching too :'(
  6. wheat can i find the driver audio ?? pliiz :'(
  7. How to contact internet Please help me

    hhhhhhh thank you But does not there is another problem in the display card driver I can not find them Name ati radeon x1650 series pcie 256 mb Together they operate, but these are vibrations of the screen
  8. How to contact internet Please help me

    thank you its working very good
  9. How to contact internet Please help me

    i thing this driver for 5751 hhhhh iam suck how to install this
  10. How to contact internet Please help me

    Did not understand much of what you say because I do not speak English very well, but I did find some research on this card If you find a link here if the issue of his permit
  11. How to contact internet Please help me

    the full name is NetXtreme BCM5752 Gigabit Ethernet PCI Express give me the driver pls
  12. The type of card is broadcom Netxtrem Gigabit Ethernet 57xx I used the router device My version is iPC 10.5.6 I have installed the Driver with the existing version, but I do not know if working or not, has been named broadcom driver The list of wirlesse
  13. مشكل في الوايرلس

    مشكل في الوايرلس broadcom Netxtreme Gigabit Ethernet 57xx مع انني ثبت التعريف الذي يوجد مع النسخة ipc 10.5.6 واسمه كان broadcom driver ودلوقتي انا مش عارف اشغل النت املك راوتر وليس مودم