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  1. Powerbook Dvi Titanium 15 inch 768 SDRAM CD Burner Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.6 Everything works perfect except one major thing the screen is completly removed from the cpu. I have it hooked up to a external moniter which works fine. I didnt know where to put this but if anyone has a idea how much i could get for this on Ebay or if any one on here wants to make an offer let me know. Anyone that could help me out, I would greatly appreciat it. *Trying to fund a OSX86 build* Take Care Oh sorry i forgot a couple things. 667 mhz processor. Adobe CS 2 installed anything else you might need 2 know plz ask thanks for looking. excuse my english.
  2. Ok well this is my first post. I have been ghosting these forums for a couple weeks. I was so happy to learn I dont need to buy a mac to run osx. I've never built a Computer before im fairly confident i can do this. Processor- 805 Pentium D Mobo-ASUS P5ND2-SLI Nvidia N FORCE 4 Intel Edition Power Supply- Dyna Power 500 watts Aeneon- 1 gb 240 pin pc2 5300 I have like four 40 GB hard drives laying arounnd the processor comes with a free dvd burner. Totals at a low $ 301 usd $ Also i want 2 overclock 2 around 3.6 ghz. any Cooling ideas. I dont want a water cooler. thx. remember this is my first post go easy on me. WILL THIS WORK ?.