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  1. QE/CI Question.

    Thats so important to run OSX??? Ill gonna install SL in my netbook Acer 532h with GMA3150. i just wanna know if my notebook will be usable. I do basic stuff.. (Internet Browsing Music, Youtube videos... , Office stuff, and some Packet Tracer designs). i will have problems if i dont have qe/ci? Thanks.
  2. ¿Qué tal esas nuevas Netbooks?

    23 leidas? 0 respuestas?
  3. ¿Qué tal esas nuevas Netbooks?

    Bueno, tengo como pregunta, es posible instalar Snow Leo en estas nuevas netbooks en este momento tengo una compaq cq10-120la y ahora mi proveedor de servicios de internet me regalo una Acer (Aun no tengo el modelo, aun no he reclamado mi premio) pero tiene procesador no Diamondville sino que Pineview N470 (si mal no recuerdo) Bueno ustedes que estan mas en esto.. sera posible instalar osx en la acer??? he leido que esa nueva arquitectura de ATOM tiene un GMA 3150 que creo que no es muy compatible con OSX? Gracias!! saludos a todos!
  4. ASRock G965M-S Help Needed

    Hi! for make your OSX Instalation, you have to use a SATA DVD Drive and SATA Hard Drive. i make USB with Snow Leopard and Installed it Chameleon 2 RC3, get an IOATAFamily.kext with patched AppleIntelPIIX.kext put in /Extras and Remove the Vanilla IOATAFamily fromo /S/L/E. But now, you can use Empire Efi Boot CD, Insert your SL DVD and Install it wihout problems. only only one thing... you will not have IDE Support so, you cant install from any IDE Devices. Just Folow the guide of Empire EFI and Enjoy OSX Snow Leopard Ah, The GMA X3000 Doesnt Works (Also the "TheStevo" driver) Try with another Graphics Card. Good Luck With yout instalation
  5. i have the SL installer in my USB hard Drive, i installed the Chameleon 2 RC3 Bootloader + dsmos.kext + fakesmc.kext (V2) + NullCPUPowerManagement.kext + OpenHaltRestart.kext. The installer boot really fast but when i go to disk utillity i cant see my sata Hard drive.. My Motherboard is an ASROck g965m-s ICH8. Thanks in Advance for ur help. srry about my english :$
  6. ASRock G965M

    Hola, tengo un problema con mi motherboard. al parecer no soporta osx :S Es una Asrock G965M-S El Procesador es Pentium Dualcore E2140 2Gb Ram DVD IDE HDD SATA Me quedo en Still Waiting For root device
  7. Modified boot-132 Bootloader

    Well, I Formated My Hardrive 24Gb FAT32 and 50Gb For Leo. i Install Windows Vista only one thing... i dont have The Retail Leopard DVD Maybe On Saturday
  8. Modified boot-132 Bootloader

    i have an other question .. how about the DualBoot with Boot-132? How can i Do That? with GUID Partition Table? Or is Better With MBR?? Thanks Again
  9. Modified boot-132 Bootloader

    Thanks for your help i use Change Finder (From Kaly) to see the hidden files...
  10. Modified boot-132 Bootloader

    i have a question... ok, put the CD of Boot-132 and Install Leopard.. ok all is well.. but if i install Chameleon EFI.,.. can i still using the software update? or not? Thanks
  11. IDT92HD202

    Anybody get Working the IDT 92HD202? when i extract my codec dump that says STAC9221 A2 :S Somebody can helpme? i tried with HDAPatcher, HDAEnabler and NOthing... oh, there is my codec dump- Codec_ADT92HD202.txt
  12. Cmedia 8738

    Yes! The Kext works with Leo 10 5 3... no news about the sound in on this chip?
  13. Sigmatel HD Audio

    I Need help with an IDT 92HD202 Ubuntu Recognizes It like a SigmaTel STAC9221 A2 Here is the Codec Dump Doesnt Works Sigmatel__S.txt
  14. Show Your Connection Speed!

    my conexion Sucks
  15. Well Im Running The Kalyway distro... when i install any patch for the Artifact always the pointer dissapears over the Dock... Somebody has this problem? My Mobo is an ECS945GCT-M V1.0