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  1. Does anyone know how to get around the fan problem when installing leopard? My computer shuts down without warning...BIOS vers. acer V1.33, 15/03/2008, SMBIOS 2.4 Any help would really be appreciated. Thanks... stavrosym001@hotmail.com
  2. Leo4all on Acer Aspire 5315

    Thankyou... I also have an acer aspire 5315 but I am having problems. I have managed to get to the point where the mac os installer has started to calculate installation time but after about 4min (and about two inches of that green bar) my computer turns off without warning. I have tried 4 different mac os disks like kalyway, leo4all, jad etc. I would really appreciate some help from someone. Thankyou. p.s. I have vista.