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  1. Hi, I am building a hackintosh, I have a graphics card, hdd and dvd writer. Now I'm looking for a motherboard what is fully compatible with Snow Leopard and supports DDR3 ram. If it possible, be Gigabyte or Asus. Please help. What type of motherboard should I buy? Max price is about $150.
  2. nevembalint

    [Guide] Hackintosh on HP 550 Notebook

    I have problems with the USB, wifi and sleep. It isn't working for me on 10.5.6. Please help. What should i do? USB and wifi are the most important. How can i fix it?
  3. nevembalint

    Any Success on an Asus P5B?

    Hi, Can you send me this kexts? I found only Yukon2.kext. Is it good? This kexts works on Snow Leopard?
  4. Hello! Time Machine is work correctly, but i always should use -f flag to boot. If i boot normally, i get a kernel panic. What can i do? Please help!