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  1. Etoile

    Tl-Wn851N (Atheros WLan) on 10.5.8

    I am also having the same problem. Here is the device details what I have Device ID is 168C:0029 Chipset is Atheros AR922X Ver is 2.0 I've also tried everything. Nothing is working. Please Hackintosh Guru help us!!!
  2. BootCD gave me this error! reading ramdisk image: bt(0,0) /Extra/Preboot.dmg/ no ramdisk config.... Any support? Tks in adv!
  3. Now Shutdown work. What I did? here..... Boot with -v mode and went to shutdown. So I found out why KP is occured because of the "AppleHDAController.kext". Then I searched a couple of websites and found that kext is located in AppleHDA.kext which I installed to get my audio work. That one was giving me a problem so I deleted it as usual way and boot with -f again. After that I reinstalled the original AppleHDA.kext using kext helper, reboot the system and boot with -f again. I installed this two kexts (AD2000b.HDA.FIX.kext AND HDAEnabler.kext) to S/L/E folder using kext helper. You can download those files here... To download (Thanks and Credits go to THe KiNG) Then reboot and boot with -f as usual. Now I can manage to get shutdown work as well as audio.
  4. Hi, My hackintosh is running retail leopard 10.5.8. Almost everything working fine except shutdown. So I searched a couple of websites and found some tips. Most of them suggested to choose "Restart automatically after a power failure" to work shutdown properly but I can't find this option in my system. Any idea???
  5. Etoile

    10.5.7 - Mouse Lag

    Same here! My rig has 4850 Graphic card and still facing that mouse lag problem even after deleted that kext. I also think that it's a graphic driver problem because mouse lag not occurred when I use one display, dual display gives me this problem. Can anybody help us? tks in adv!
  6. Hi, I followed your instruction but I got the KP at reboot and couldn't even enter into the OS when I used appleIntelPowerManagement.kext (10.5.7). So I leave it as 10.5.8 version and I got sleep fix but still not get to pass the shutdown process. Anyway, what is your Graphic card? How do you think it is because of the Graphic card? Current idle CPU temp is around 50C thanks
  7. Hi, I just installed again retail Mac OS X on my desktop and restart work fine but sleep and shutdown no work. I've already tried to install OpenHaltRestart.kext and PowerOff bug fix. But still cannot. BIOS setting of my mobo is still in default setting except AHCI mode in HDD. Do I need to change some power setting? Could someone pls help me? My PC's spec as below.... Thanks in advance!
  8. Thanks a lot. Perfect working on my P5Q-E mobo with SoundMax!
  9. Hi, I am trying to install ideneb 1.4 10.5.6. I followed the instruction. Unfortunately, stuck at apple logo on first boot. I've already tried three times but still don't get it. This is my system : -Intel E8400 (3.0Ghz) -P5Q-E mobo -2 x 2 GB (800Mhz) DDR2 RAM -320GB WD HDD (SATA) -DVD writer (SATA) -Asus HD4850 (512MB) Graphic card Plz someone help me to pass the Apple logo! What should I choose in "customize" section before installation. Thanks in advance