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  1. nvflash probably meant a core 2 duo 7200 without "T" = aka wolfdale has SSE4.1 that's why sierra/high sierra worked.
  2. Its not the final reuirements - Just a finger pointing in the direction at the moment. Maybe the final version is different.
  3. Yeah bro im too - But Apple often thinks differently.
  4. I dont think so - It just such a feeling. But Apple is well-known for cut down old pigtails I would not be surprised if it will come so.
  5. High Sierra: maybe its time to say goodby for all socket 775 related macs without igpus? i think so
  6. Hey bro, if the Xeon its a core2quad based CPU then it should work fine. Otherwise on i7 (or i-based Xeon) CPUs u can only use it with cpus=1 flag. But that probably makes no sense to u.
  7. Hey Folks, plz keep in mind the TP-Link TL-WN851ND will only work for core2duo and core2quad cpus.
  8. Stefe Hobs

    VoodooHDA 2.9.2

    Many thanks too dude - VoodooHDA 2.8.10 works well on Intel B250 ALC887 Salutations de l'Allemagne
  9. Stefe Hobs

    It's time to say Goodbye!

    Sad to read this, but i wish u all the best and many many thanks for all ur awesome work over all the years dude! Regards
  10. Hello, the patched bios isnt necessary dude. use chameleon as bootloader and the USBBootFix=Yes flag. but keep in mind u need a patched kernel for ur pentium d 935 cpu. or switch to a cheap core 2 duo. cheers
  11. Stefe Hobs

    [SUCCESS] 10.10.3 on GA-EP45-DSEL

    ur problem called Fermi-Freeze mate
  12. thats really not the apple-problem mate