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  1. thx ,I put the evo.kext not in S/L/E,I put in the EFI hidden partition /Extra ,I used your method ,my laptop installed snow leopard successful,thx very much ,the "graphic display" is not "ATI mobility x1600 series",but show "unknown" .what happened when you add the evo.kext,"graphic display"show right infomation? I will try the kext which you upload ,and I will report soon.
  2. hey,chagrin2,I just use your method,I was successed.do you know how to make DSDT to drive x1600?I wanna original kernel to update ,thanks,sorry for my English
  3. can you upload your EVOenabler ?I changed all to wormy ,but graphics show unknown
  4. kafaafa

    [How To]Radeon X1600 (71c0-71c5) in SL 32/64Bit

    thanks.I did all of that which you wrote method.but when I Output DVI to my monitor ,my monitor it doesn't work ,what are kexts or statement to drive DVI output ? sorry for my English...