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  1. Download the new 0.0.3 version from https://sourceforge.net/projects/lubbofancontrol/ And please, next time ask me there, in the forum section. I won't be able to check every forums where I posted. Thanks
  2. The project has been moved here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/lubbofancontrol/ I need help! LubbosFanControl is not compatible with InputRemapper and Apple kbdmgr.exe process. They access to the same I/O port causing resource deadlock (or something similar). Try to remove Input Remapper and kill the kbdmgr.exe process manually or with this command: TASKKILL /F /IM kbdmgr,exe For next problems/suggestions/support/help offering please post in new site's forum or in the mailing list here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/lubbofancontrol/ Thanks
  3. Driver Status: 0 means that the program cannot load the GIVEIO.sys Have you installed SpeedFan? You must! It install the GIVEIO.sys needed to comunicate with Apple SMC I/O ports. Hi all, if you are interested in FanControl future evolutions stay tuned here: https://sites.google.com/site/lubbbo/ Thanks to all that would help me with suggestions and testing. My contact: lubboster@gmail.com
  4. Just the fan control?

    Take a look at this: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...t&p=1178066
  5. Hi all, I'm working on campliu project and I've modified his code, following his suggestions, to add some other features. Actually I've also merged some code from the "Extended Fan Control" OSx program to implement these features: 1) Speed setting for 2 MBP unibody fans (CPU and GPU) 2) Speeds fans dinamically updated on the basis of the CPU and GPU temperatures independently. 3) Three working modality: a - Only system information retrieval (fans speeds and temperatures, nothing is set) b - Only minimum speeds fans settings (one shot) c - Fans speeds updated every 3,5 seconds on the basis of CPU and GPU temperature (linear calculation specifying min and max temp and min fan speed. Like Extended Fan Control program.) The program is in a very draft state, it works (WinXP prof 32bit) but there are some problems with temperatures calculations (not aligned with SpeedFan results) and it haven't a GUI to control settings (but I'm working on). The big problem is still present: it is incompatible with BootCamp driver, KbdMgr.exe process must be killed before running this program. It seems that BootCamp driver polls temperatures and fans speeds causing something like hardware deadlocks that freeze the PC for 1 or 2 seconds. The workaround is to kill the KbdMgr.exe setup minumum fan speed and restart KbdMgr.exe (the command from console to kill the process is "TASKKILL /F /IM Kbdmgr.exe"). But dinamically adjusted fans speeds requires the KbdMgr.exe not running at all: so no keyboard special keys mapping :-( Unfortunately InputRemapper doesn't work on my MBP Unibody (April 2009) so I can't use it for keyboard special keys mapping. My main objective is gaming ... so special keys are not necessary, but I desire the perfection ... ;-) I need some help on this issues: 1) Correctly decode CPU and GPU temps 2) Adding keyboard special key mapping to cover BootCamp functionalities 3) GUI making 4) Hardware port timeout settings (probably could be a way to making BootCamp working at the same time) Any suggestion will be very appreciated. Thanks campliu! Contact me at: lubboster@gmail.com Source code and executable in attachment. USAGE: FAN <MinTemp> <MaxTemp> <CPU_RPM> <GPU_RPM> <Debug=0/1/2> or FAN <CPU_RPM> <GPU_RPM> or FAN -i P.S. Damned Visual Studio Express 2008 (more than 1Gb to build a piece of code) ... use MingW gcc instead it works and it's very light (some changes to "conio.h" are required ... if someone needs help I'm here). FAN.exe FanControl.txt
  6. Just the fan control?

    You're my hero!
  7. Input Remapper future

    Yes please, it's very awaited Thanks