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  1. This was solved on the other forum... Zaap mentioned my USB Wireless dongle could be the issue - and it was... once removed the computer shut down correctly. Thanks again Zaap!
  2. For sure did both....and have run the UInstaller script again - still doesn't shut down the fan etc on the machine. Is it something in the BIOS options? When I followed all the instructions, such as disabling ON-Chip Primary PCI-IDE and Secondry PCI-IDE the machine wouldn't even boot..... Everything else is great...works fine...sleep/screensaver is fine.... just not the full Shut Down... Is there a Kext that I can load in to fix the shutdown issue? (apart from the hard drive light which I notice is not flickering...apart from that....)
  3. Cool... fixing the plist thingy seemed to do the trick! Boots no problem now... every time! Yes, I checked it's at F8 so that must of been it. Wow... so far so good (apart from the screen res thing!) - even got a wireless USB working no problem... Will check the sound and everything else out now... but so far - so great! Thanks! Restart work.....fine from sleep as well... but when Shutting Down it doesn't fully shut down the system... I can still see the power is on and some fans are on....?
  4. Everything was working great.....updated to 10.5.7 fine no problem But now I get the "you need to restart your computer" error message after installing the Leopardsoup Universal OSx86 Installer (Uinstaller) I picked - 1- Full plugin for my motherboard 2- Left boot timeout to 5 secs 3- Native resolution to the standard for the monitor 4- Installed PC_EFI 5- Installed EFI String 6- Installed EFI String for the video card Will update.... Boots no problem when using -v - could it be because I set a native resolution on startup? Can I remove this ? How annoying - every time I change resolution the screen goes blue, have to restart to see anything but it is set at the new resolution...is there a way around this?
  5. Ahh yes... I resetted the BIOS and it pops up - even the CPU speed is correct now! I wonder why in the instructions it says to Disable the On-Chip Primary PCI IDE and On-Chip Secondary PCI IDE for this motherboard? Thanks... Just starting the install now... fingers crossed!
  6. Okay - it's done! Managed to do it all thanks to your excellent instructions! Appreciate it. Only odd thing I notice is it's saying my CPU is 2.4ghz and not 2.8ghz... huh? So now.... Do I need to update the BIOS? Then format the drive? Use a retail DVD and Boot-132 disk? I take it that's the way to go.... Update: But...when I try to boot from the BOOT132 disk..or even the Leopard disk I am getting DISK BOOT FAILURE, PLEASE INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER - strange...when I go into the BIOS settings I am seeing under Advanced BIOS Features - Hard Disk Boot Priority - Bootable Add-in Cards! I wonder why Hard Drive isn't showing under Hard Disk Boot priority?
  7. Wow.. thank you.. that tutorial is great - going to run through it today and connect it all up.. so much help! I am pleased I got so far with my small computer building skills but when I didn't see a cable for the SYS_FAN I started to panic =] I plugged in the CPU fan straight away.... installing the CPU was far easier than I thought it would be - the last computer I built (badly) was in 1998 so things have changed!
  8. So I started tonight fitting it all in the new case (I ended up buying the one on your list, as the silver one was $20 with shipping..I am so cheap!) - got the motherboard screwed in, the processor and fan in and connected to motherboard...plus the graphics card and firewire card fit in fine.... but there a bazillion wires in this thing...! Hard to know exactly where everything should go... For instance - cannot find any cable in the case that fits into the SYS_FAN slot on the motherboard - although the big white fan at the back plus directly into one of the cables coming out of the power supply... Do you have the link to the tutorial you mentioned with the pictures on the previous page showing the internals of this motherboard with this type of case?
  9. Great! Thanks.. I thought it was different as the silver case said Motherboard Compatibility MicroATX while the black one has - Motherboard Compatibility Standard Micro ATX / Baby AT Just wanted to make sure everything would fit in there! Thanks for the cable note... that's great... basically I am building from scratch so wanted to make sure I have everything before I try to construct it... I have no extra parts or cables so will be scratching my head if anything else is required =] Thanks again for answering questions on this.. It is so appreciated.
  10. Okay, I have every part but the case (had to wait for a check to come in!) Can I ask - is this the same spec as the case you recommended in your list ( http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16811144162 ) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16811144160 Want to make sure the motherboard will fit in it and work okay... reason I like this? It's silver.. I am that fickle! Lastly - do I need a SATA cable with any of these cases for the OEM hard drive I ordered or do they have all the cables inside the case?
  11. Wow...thank you once again! Very helpful indeed.... amazing how much stuff can be put in there! My first load of items arrives in a few days, so cannot wait to get going! Appreciate once again the time you have put in replying...
  12. Great... just a quickie - what heatsink/fan do you normally use with this motherboard/processor? Obviously I would prefer the quieter the better, but don't have a huge budget... and do you normally have to add any other cooling things to this? Such as cpu cooling paste? I hope I am not missing anything... I totally forgot about the heatsink/fan for the CPU!
  13. Zaap - thank you again! You are the reason this forum is so great... makes such a difference... reading all the posts and excited to get going on this project! (btw..memory wise.. this is okay, right?) Cannot believe I can get such a fast Mac clone for this price... two monitors... a lovely neat little case... super fast... amazing! =) One other question - did you successfully update to 10.5.7?
  14. Brilliant! Thank you once again... that is so helpful... I am putting the stuff in my cart (I notice that memory is no longer stocked by Newegg...I am sure I can find something similar around?) and thanks for spotting the DVD drive thing... Never heard of Boot-132 so will read all about that... Thanks again!
  15. Thanks everyone! Zaap - special thanks for taking the time to post that. It was most generous to provide that detailed information. Thank you! I am probably going to buy all of the items on your list... when I do, would that be everything (aside from the OS software of course)? I mean, they would slot right in..... no extra fans or cooling things required... then turn on - boot from the disk straight away and go? Just wondering if there are extra steps required that might prove tricky for someone as thick as me!