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  1. Laptop Buying Advice

    I use my current 9" netbook in university almost everyday, and that 2.5kg HP with 15inch screen is too large for everyday carrying
  2. Laptop Buying Advice

    any suggestions on hackintosh-able laptop for price under 900$, discrete graphics, core i3/i5 cpu and with ~13inch screen (less than 14" at least)?
  3. I just installed retail Mac OS X on my P5Q Pro mobo with E8500 CPU and GF9600GT GPU. Everything is working(sound, video, etc), except for CPU recognition. Mac OS X thinks, that my CPU is 3.13Ghz Core 2 Solo. With only one core. iStat menus shows, that i have 2 CPUs, standart Mac OS X monitoring tool shows two load graphs, which also means that i have two cores. I have dsdt.aml in my / and also modded p5q pro bios. How to fix it?
  4. Have some problem. I've created a usb flash drive with mac os x 10.5.6 dmg and it boots well,passes grey screen with apple, but freezes on Leopard Wallpaper with rounding mouse cursor. Putting some custom dmg's (such as ideneb or ipc) goes well, but retail doesn't work. What i'm doing wrong and what the solution?