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  1. [How To] X800 XL set up with working Display Manager and QE/CI

    just installed ideneb 10.5.5 (writing this from the comfort of it)... everything works more or less fine, but i cant figure out the graphics card driver. i have powercolor x800xl 256 mb, cant change resolution, cant play video (really choppy)... being a noob that i am (not a programmer, nor i want to be...), im looking to get some help. tried the sollution described at the start of the thread, but i doesnt work (presuming the fault is at the different os versions). anybody got it working at 10.5.5 (x800xl i mean).
  2. Ideneb installation problem

    hi, my rig is: amd 3500+ am2, dfi infinity nfII-m2, powercolor x800xl, 2 gb patriot, creative labs !live 5.1 (sb022x) - (everything oc'ed beyond any limits:) downloaded ideneb v1 3 10 5 5 Leopard OSx86. want to install it but don't know which options to choose while installing. i've managed to enter the setup, prepare the hdd for installation, and installed it. but oppon reboot osx starts to boot up, i get the grey screen with that anoying thingy in the middle. after that i get sound from the osx tour (or whats its call, nevermind) but the screen stays the same (grey). i've tried to install it with voodoo kernel and sleep kernel, nforce ata, creative drivers, nforce networking controller. the problem is i asume in the graphics, because there is no x800 driver listed (only hd and x1300 and above). i tried x1600 version driver and 1900 driver but the result stays the same. please help