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  1. Thanks, Zenith432. I just upgraded to Mavericks. The GenericUSB kext (v1.2.6 -- ?) from TonyMac's [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] 6.0 would mount a USB2 device on the USB3 ports of my Gigabyte Z77-DS3H, but would not mount my one USB3 device -- an Anker SSD case with an OCZ 128GB SSD inside. I installed your Oct. 27 version 1.2.7 just now and all is well -- the Anker USB3 case works perfectly. Many thanks!
  2. I have an ASUS GT220 working using Netkas' Device (PCI0) nvidia settings from his DSDT, patched into my DSDT from AsereBLN for my GA EP45-UD3R board (see Efixusers.com, Guides). I had it working before by using the GTX285 string from EFIStudio put into the Boot.plist in E/E. Either way I get full res selection and QE, with Cinebench10 of 6000. But System profiler only reports 512MB VRAM, when it is actually 1GB.
  3. Chameleon 2.0 FINAL "release" Installer

    Dr. Hurt -- When I run the revised package, I get the splash screen, then it skips over the "destination selection" and only shows my Sno Leo hdd as a destination. Previous version of the RC4 wouldn't let me install to a USB stick. This looks like it won't either but without a destination select window, whereas earlier, it would show all the drives but with alert triangles in the unsupported ones. OOOOPS Never Mind -- downloaded wrong package!
  4. DSDT disass+compile: newest iASLme / IASL :, Juli 11th 2012

    How do you extract the DSDT under OSX? Noob question I know, but I don't know how.
  5. Help with Chameleon boot?

    I'm a total noob, and am not Terminal savvy. I have a GigaByte EP45-UD3R. I've got 10.5.8 installed on its own drive, and used Dr. Hurt's installer for Chameleon 2 RC3 658 to install it on. Booting hangs after the system can't find a suitable server for ntpupdate (time server?). I don't know if I need to replace the DSDT.aml with Chameleon RC3, but I'd like to install a patched DSDT.aml file I have from AsereBLN. But don't know where the original lives or how to copy a new file in it's place. I can boot from my EFi-X bootloader to another drive with 10.5.8 installed, so I can mod files/folders on the Chameleon drive that way. Also, when I see someone say to use Terminal and copy some commands, they never say if an <enter> is needed after each command statement or if they are entered as a batch -- I think I need to know this! Any help MUCH appreciated.
  6. Never mind -- it was late and I wasn't thinking clearly. It is all obvious now.
  7. @Eliade or others -- 1) I don't understand the function of GRUB-DFE boot CD in this method. Please explain what role it plays in the install process. 2) I have 10.5.8 running with the EFi-X v. 1.0 module. Can I clone this version to a new drive and then make the Chameleon and other mods of this "perfect setup" directly to the cloned version of 10.5.8, from my existing running 10.5.8?
  8. I'm running F11 now, and nothing has changed for the worse. The Realtek chipset for onboard ethernet on my EP45 -UD3R board has always worked with the EFi-X dongle, but I'm instead using a "no-name" USB Wi-Fi dongle that has the high-power Realtek (8187, IIRC), and the Realtek OSX driver/kext that came with it works very well. I got the dongle from Meritline for around $12 and it's got RANGE. Can't say if it will work under SL but can't see why not.