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  1. Making the switch

    Is there any word when the next version of the OS is slated to drop? I am looking to purchase fairly soon but am definitely willing to wait for the next version of OS X if it looks to be released pretty soon. And what type of Windows integration is rumored to be going into the next version?
  2. I'm a long time PC and Windows user. With the release of BootCamp, I think I'm about ready to make a small jump into the mac world. I'm looking at purchasing the 15" MacBook Pro (with an upgrade from 512MB to 1GB of RAM as 512 just doesn't cut it for me anymore). I'm looking to replace my current beast of a PC desktop with this laptop, hopefully making things easier for me. Before I make this kind of leap, I have a few questions (possible answered before, not sure) that I hope someone will answer and help me out before putting the money down. 1) I believe I would still have Windows XP installed using BootCamp as I don't believe there's Half-Life 2 support for Macs and I have a large collection of games that I'd rather not have to repurchase or go without already. I was curious if the integrated x1600 is really great with games, like Half-Life 2, having the settings all set on high. 2) Is it possible to remap many of the keyboard shortcuts to something similar to what Windows has. I know I could get used to all the new shortcuts and such but I believe that it would just make things easier if I could remap most of the shortcuts to something similar to what I currently use in Windows as I will still be using PCs at my job and occasionally at my home. I had some other involving the ability to double click, etc etc but they really aren't that important when I think about it. heh. Any help would be greatly appreciated.