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  1. Hi checco, the boot file was modified for 5870, so if you want to have the correct description of the card in System Profiler, you must find the solution, how to rewrite red marked text in attached file(the attached file is part of the boot file).
  2. Do you know the device ID of your card? The atirom file provided by me is for 68a0. If you have a different device ID, you must use atirom of your card and provide the renaming of the atirom file. Also, if is your device ID different, check ati3000.kext and ati5000.kext, if both kexts are containing your device ID.
  3. Hi Fb2003, here is the list of additional kext which I am using for 10.6.6: dsmos.kext,fakesmc.kext,NullCPUPowerManagement.kext,OpenHaltRestart.kext,PlatformUUID.kext, RealtekR1000SL.kext,AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext,VoodooPS2Controller.kext,VoodooHDA Extensions.mkext is containing all of them. Did you have hang during the booting before the using of Extra folder also?
  4. Thanks both guys for confirmation. So the method is working on MSI GX660 and Asus G73JH. I think that will be working also for another series of HD5xxx - need to use the correct atirom file. Good luck!
  5. Není zač Pavol, rádo se stalo. Myslím,že mi rozumíš v mateřském jazyce. Olda
  6. This boot file is correct one boot.zip
  7. Hi guys, download the files from link below. http://www.mediafire.com/?qpev3oov7icafk3 There is modified boot file - the framebuffer for mobility card was changed to right one(Nomascus). Also, there is atirom for mobility hd5870, device ID 68a0. Follow the instruction above and your card will be working.
  8. Hi, the resolution which I am using is 1920x1080, everythink is working correctly without problem.
  9. Hi guys, as you can see on the picture, my mobility radeon is fully supported in 10.6.6(QE/CI). 1. Install 10.6.6 - do not reboot 2. Install chameleon bootlooder 3. Replace the boot file 4. Create the Extra folder 5. Use ati rom into the Extra folder 6. Use com.apple.Boot.plist into the Extra folder Restart the computer and your graphics acceleration should be working. Ati framebuffer in boot file was changed to Nomascus - fb for mobility cards.
  10. Hi Bacouch, I have a Toshiba Qosmio X300 and your kext is working perfectlly under Leopard and Snow Leopard 32bit,but under Snow Leopard 64bit does not work. Please could you modify the kext for Snow 64bit?? Many thanks for your help