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    9400GT 512MB -- How do I get a 1080i resolution?

    Sorry for the late answer. I was looking for a low profile card and bought the EVGA 512-P3-N947-LR GeForce 9400 GT 512MB 64-bit DDR2 PCI Express 2.0 x16 Low Profile Ready Video Card (from Newegg.com). As described above, I only use the NVEnabler64 in /Extra/Extensions. The card works GREAT, but no 1080i, just 1080p.
  2. I am running an 8600gt card... cheap and easy
  3. 530geek

    ALC887 on a ASUS P5G41T-M board

    Please forgive me in advance if I am asking stupid questions, I have been reading about audio for a while now but can't seem to make much sense of it all. I'm interested to get the digital out of my ASUS P5G41T-M mainboard working under 10.6.3. According to the manual, it is powered by an ALC887. What is the best way to go about this? I have dumped and made my own DSDT file which works great, but there are no references to HDEF or AZAL in there. Is it possible to add a HDEF section and use an Apple audio driver? What needs to be done to accomplish this? Or is there another way? Thanks for your input!!!
  4. 530geek

    9400GT 512MB -- How do I get a 1080i resolution?

    Thanks! I should have mentioned that the card works properly (QE/CI supported) and with all kinds of different resolutions. I am using NVEnabler64 in E/E and nothing else. I am only having an issue getting the 1080i (interlaced) to work. Progressive resolutions (e.g. 720p) are working, and I can use SwichResX to fine tune the timing of those. I wish my stone age rear projection TV supported 1080p!
  5. 530geek

    9400GT 512MB -- How do I get a 1080i resolution?

    Bump -- hoping that someone know the answer.....
  6. Hi guys, I am trying to get a 1080i resolution out of my otherwise perfectly working 9400GT. I have tried SwitchResX and DisplayConfigX, but is seems like there is a problem with the interlaced flag. I can get 720p (1280x720) with no problem, but for some reason, 1080i just does not seem to work. I have tried many things, including the timing setting that worked on my old MacMini, but I just don't seem to get a stable picture. Running 10.6.3, and I'm using the HDMI connector plus a VGA adapter to connect to my Sony rear projection TV. Any thoughts?
  7. 530geek

    Samba server is not working

    I know this is a stone age thread, but if you read this, THANK YOU for posting the resolution. You just helped me to fix my crashing SAMBA server.
  8. New Fakesmc.kext 2.5 solved the problem...
  9. Hi guys, I just got done installing my new i7 setup... Everything except for sleep works. The only other problem is that I don't seem to be able to read CPU temps and fan speeds. Tried a few different programs, but they only see the hard drive temps. No CPU temps. I upgraded from my trusty old DELL Inspiron 530 to this build, so I used some DSDT.aml file I found online.... could this be the problem? Thanks in advance for any help!
  10. 530geek

    10.6.2 is out...

    Worked for me on my DELL Inspiron 530 desktop. Just used software update. Sill can't wake up from sleep, but everything else works. Running a 8600GTS/256MB, Core2Quad 9500. God bless (near) Vanilla installs!
  11. -DuNe-, thank you for this KEXT. It works perfectly in 32-bit mode on my DELL Inspiron 530! Have yet to test 64-bit mode. You are da man!
  12. C'mon. Give him some time. I am sure there are a lot of people anxiously waiting for this driver (me included), but there's no need to be impatient. Just use Netkas' version for now and connect your other drives via USB while you wait... it's not like you can't use SL at all. Or go buy a real Mac, I was told they work pretty well ;=)
  13. I have used VoodooHDA on my Inspiron to get it to work.
  14. 530geek

    Dell Inspiron 530 Success?

    BUMP. Interested too.
  15. Hi, first post, please be easy on me. I have 10.5.7 running on a DELL Inspiron 530 (4GB RAM, Q9550 processor, bigger PSU, eVGA 8600GTS, Gigabit Ethernet PCI card and Rosewill 3-port Firewire card). Used iAtkos 5i to install, updated to 10.5.7 with the combo updater. Everything is running great, but I have issues with my Firewire drive. I can mount it and see the top level files on it, but as soon as I copy or open a file, the Finder locks up. So I guess my Firewire is "half working". System Profiler shows 400mbps capability. Any ideas???