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  1. Vanilla Speedstep on EVGA X58 SLI

    Thanks Geenz! I feel like we're so close to getting Sleep/Wake to work on this board, but without someone with a lot of DSDT know how we're stuck.
  2. Vanilla Speedstep on EVGA X58 SLI

    In theory this should get us one step closer to Sleep/Wake support, are you still getting the C-state errors? PS: This appears to be working, but still getting some P-State errors regarding turbo mode. I still have no sleep, but I'm not getting C-state errors anymore...
  3. Using the exact same rig as airwalk776 I was able to get everything up and running this past weekend, with D_D 3.6. Awesome work and huge thanks to everyone here, new hackintosh is running great(compared to previous dual opteron rig which never worked for longer than an hour). I wondered though if you(airwalk776) have had any luck sleeping/waking with this setup, and any insight you could provide.
  4. Why can I never Apple>Restart? Just hangs always

    Ah! I've been searching around and this is the first thread that's mentioned this problem, as I am having it too! Shutdown works fine, but when I reboot the system just sits at MACH Rebooting. Any further luck with this issue? 10.4.5 Myzar Opteron 246 Tyan K8WE