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  1. can some one post the GMA950 kext packs for me? its not practical for me to download a whole iso just for these
  2. DO NOT splice your antenna they are designed at a specific length for the frequency range the cards operate at. if you do this you will have 2 issues. 1) the card may stop working on some or all wireless channels. and 2) you will introduce an ass load of noise into your antenna thus rendering it rather dodgy and useless. Use a hacked bios, there may be a version kicking around on the forums that u can use to get rid of the error 104 unsupported device. what model of HP do you have? and whats the possessor?
  3. Wireless

    atheros cards require you to jump through hoops each time u want to connect to a network. get a BCM43XX card
  4. i was not aware quinielascom was a moderator and could demand such things liek the making or the lack of making topics about wireless hardware in the wireless and lan subforum. oh wait thats right he isnt. and this thread is not productive at all. so what he really has done is made another useless thread about AR5007. Kind of ironic eh...
  5. How to contact internet Please help me

    you're welcome. glad you got it going. Enjoy your networking connection
  6. Ive installed your slim drivers on my laptop. the audio device now detects in the hardware profile. but not in the system properties. im kind of stumped now.
  7. Broadcom not connected?

    turn on networking boot options in the bios.
  8. How to contact internet Please help me

    its modified for BCM5752, trust me. use kext helper b7 to install this.
  9. How to contact internet Please help me

    since English isn't your first language ill upload my driver for you. im not usually a spoon feeder but you have a legitimate reason for having difficulty with the sticky. get the driver here ----> Click Me
  10. How to contact internet Please help me

    have you at least attempted to search? because i know the driver is already posted here. there is a Sticky that shows you how to modify the driver to make it work for you.... in fact im running it already and its working great. Search = awesome
  11. you can also use diskpart in the vista/windows 7 command line as well. it obviously will not manipulate non Microsoft partitions. but it will allow formatting and such.
  12. you should be able to use the windows 7 installer advanced disk options to format the disk to ntfs or raw. at which point the os will install and configure the partition as it needs. this is the exact step i took.
  13. the only thing i can think of is i read some where on hp's website that the "d" stood for discrete what ever that means. and i know the F.3D bioss was released to solve bad heat issues with the dv series. which it did. however like i said im running F.42 which is the latest amd bios and im not having heat issues. and it came factory shipped with F.38
  14. it could be the board, but i did not change enything except bioscode01.rom. and as far as your the F.3D bios and the F.42, they appear to have the same mother board modle in them. so im asuming the F.42 that im using is infact amd. as for the other changes your seeing im asuming they are from being compleetly different bios rom version. they are not of my doing.
  15. I just changed the F9 byte to an F8, suggested some where els on these forums to remove the white list. the file was BIOSCOD1.ROM look for the bytes F9EB01F8 they are a line or 2 above the pci device ids change that F9 to F8, rebuild the bios and the white list should be gone. as for the intel cards not working on amd. i dont know it could be prossesor or chipset specific.