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  1. Surface Pro Display Issues

    thanks a lot iFire. I will update on this topic soon as i have couple of exams to currently deal with in college. But from my experimenting if i get rid of the DSDT and inject device properties, it works a lot better. I am trying different device properties and see which one works to get the lvd on. I get a black screen on internal currently and full graphics acceleration on the TV connected to display port using device properties for rev 9 and rev A. Also the OSX finally lists my internal display being there but just can't output to it. Could this be a backlight issue? Thanks a lot for all the help
  2. Why HD4000 on Surface Pro with heavy snow effect?

    wbpluto, can you please send your clover config.plist and dsdt.aml and kext in EFI/kexts/10.8 . Thanks
  3. Surface Pro Display Issues

    ok i tried it, internal display is working without efi string, and i have removed EDID inject from org.boot.plist and changed GE=No. But the internal display only works when Display Port is connected to my TV. The output only shows on internal display and not on TV and when i see display properties it shows me TV as display but not internal screen. So basically i can't see internal screen without connecting to tv
  4. Surface Pro Display Issues

    here is the darwin dump http://goaruna.com/s/m4QlfpCZ
  5. Surface Pro Display Issues

    I have got the surface running mountain lion only in safe mode, though as stock as i can. I'm having issues with my display. I don't get any display, internal or external without safe mode. but when i connect my tv to display port i atleast get internal display in safe mode. I don't know what i could be doing wrong. But i have attached my config.plist for clover and the dsdt i'm using and the edid i obtained from windows. The display properties and edid might be wrong in the config.plist so please double check. I Appreciate any help, Thanks Archive.zip
  6. Why HD4000 on Surface Pro with heavy snow effect?

    let me post the darwin dumper here in a few mins
  7. Why HD4000 on Surface Pro with heavy snow effect?

    can you please just tell me what kexts you're using. Also boot flags? and are you using GraphicsInjector? and your dsdt.aml ?