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  1. QuickTime 7.5 in Software Update

    well, today went out the 7.5.5 update. Itunes and such is cool. but same choppy playback on quicktime. I´m giving up. Gotta rethink the whole thing over...
  2. QuickTime 7.5 in Software Update

    I´m having problems since I installed the 7.5 update. Playback is choppy. Downgraded to 7.4.5 (I think) with the pacifist, and went ok. Then, after reading posts on the apple support site, I removed every alien plugin from the /Library/QuickTime/, upgraded to 7.5 and stuck again on a retarded quicktime... Like the thing isn´t hardware accelerated, guess what? frontrow and itunes are ok fullscreen with all their glory... Any clues? Is it the kext for my ati GPU? what could be broken in this version???
  3. Capture Crash! FC5.1

    That's perfectly normal. I've worked on a real mac and does that too...
  4. Hi people. I´ll finish building a new machine on a couple of days. The one Im using right now is going to enter the "guinea pig" phase. The specs are in the signature. Will try this 10.4.8 framework-driver stuff. Im hoping to extend my OSX experience since it was a delight until now thanks to the people you already know
  5. Aperture 1.5 on Hackintosh?

    Well, Having updated Aperture to 1.5 and testing it for a while, my setup is not working as it should. The library was updated after waiting for an hour or so. That was yesterday. I left it overnight for this but today I woke up to find that the machine froze. Restarted the system then the app. It began processing all the previews (a new feature). The app crashed several times during this (more than 7000 pics) and my estimate is that is going to take days for these previews to update! Meanwhile I started doing some adjustments on photos. No good. Aperture is always updating the picture even if you don't make any adjustments. So I figured maybe it's the "processing previews". Cancelled that using aperture task manager, but the corrections show a black or distorted image. In the end I think I'm going to downgrade it. Any of you with similar problems? Forgot to say that I tried this on a 10.4.7 system... Hoping that 10.4.8 fixes this (pretty sure since it's required
  6. QT 7.1.3 update problems

    quicktime 7.1.2 can be found here: apple.com/support/downloads/quicktime712formac.html
  7. Why Do People Claim It Is Unstable?

    Well, it usually stable. Sometimes when I'm working with apps that need big memory, it hangs. It does the swapping onto the disk and dies. Like something failed in the "memory management", don't know if you happened to run into something similar. Other than that its pretty usable.
  8. Final Cut Pro / Motion

    I´m on a sse2 processor and although FinalCut Works 100% ok, it´s not as fast as compared to other machines (there´s a thread with a test you can test against..) So not sure about the sse3 not being used...
  9. iconfactory.com is the greatest I think...
  10. well this is the kind of test that makes you realize you need a new computer. Rendering time of the project posted above: 15 minutes! the specs are on the signature...
  11. Pimp my Parallels

    all these things are great I mean the possibility to run multiple OSs, the word reboot gaining importance again... Is this getting a little out of our hands...? Shouldn´t we be worrying about getting things done? don´t want to sound fatalistic. I´m typing words not in my native language... this has gone off the thread as you say. (the watch this cube os swapping effect is xtracool anyway)
  12. Logic Express 7.2 Has been Released

    Installed it, ran Ok, but didn't get passed 4 tracks of audio. It stalled with the "not enough cpu" warning. Is it because of the plugins? How to tell if they are universal? -edit- Changed to a larger buffer in the audio settings and the number of tracks I could play went up to 6 or so... Maybe could be of help for someone.
  13. What happened to win2osx.net?

    It's back online people...
  14. Apple Shake 4 on Mac Os X x86

    don't bother it's slow impossible...
  15. DIVX6 not for OSx86????

    http://labs.divx.com/node/76 Divx6 for osx intel beta...