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    Possibly The Best Value White label PC

    ahh yes the Empire EFI method uses the real install disk. I definitely agree that you should at least support apple a little bit.
  2. Hi I just found a custom build pc on the net with these specs... - Intel Celeron E3400 Dual Core 2.6ghz 800mhz - 500gb 16mb Cache Serial ATA - 2gb DDR3 1333 PC10660 - Motherboard - Asus P5G41C-M LX - Nvida GT 8400GS - Sony 24x SATA DVD/CD Combo After some research I believe this to be a good set-up for an install of hackintosh using the Empire EFI methord. Just wanted to check with some people who know. Will this run 10.6 well? Thanks Olly
  3. Hi http://www.amazon.co.uk/Intel-Desktop-D410...0915&sr=1-1 This is what I am planning on buying for my cheep hackintosh build. I plan to install Leopard and Upgrade to Snow Leopard. Will this board work for me??? Thanks in advanced Olly ^.^
  4. Thanks I hadn't taught of looking on apples website. ^ ^
  5. Hi Just wondering what the lowest spec for a Snow Leopard Hackintosh would be, as I have been given two DELL PCs with Intel Mobo's that are around three years old. My plan would be if i could to install OSX and use it for basic use like IWork and ILife ect. Nothing too extensive. Thanks Olly ^ ^
  6. Hi I have a Amilo li1718 laptop running OS X 10.5.8 happily but cant get wifi to work. so i have decided to buy another one. It is a mini PCI Express style card. I was wondering if there are any specific cards i should go for? Which are the best in terms of compatibility? System Info - installed using kalyway 10.5.2 - Upgraded to 10.5.8 Thanks any suggestions very much appreciated
  7. oli1122

    Atheros AR5007EG Problems

    Ok here goes I have a fresh install of Kalyway 10.5.2. Iv tryed in the past to get it all working but only to get stuck on the WiFi. My laptop is an Amilo Li1718 here is what i have achieved. - Get graphics working - Get ethernet working - Get sleep working I need to get my Atheros AR5007EG working. Now i have searched "atheros ar5007eg" in search and tried all the method up until page 2. None have worked for me i cant even get the wifi logo to appear in the toolbar. Can anyone help please. any comments are very much appreciated?
  8. Hi i have Fujitsu semiens amilo Li1718 with Pentium Dual Core T2080 1.73ghz CPU 2gb DDRII Memory (2x 1gb) Ati Xpress200M Graphics 80gb SATA HDD Windows Vista Premium installed (no recovery discs) 4x USB ports Wireless LAN/Ethernet port i have tried installing kalyway 10.5.2 and got it working but I cant do ANY updates so it was realy pointless. Which release do i use now?? ideneb ikaytos kalyway???
  9. Hi i have installed Kalyway 10.5.2 on my amilo li1718 with these settings... When i boot all i get is the apple logo and a loading animation then it goes complatly white and nothing happens i left it for one hour and nothing happend. Kernels nforcekernel (intel/sse3) vanillakernel (intel/sse3) kabylkernel (intel/sse3) with sleep support Graphics_Drivers Ati_Radeon X1000Series ATYinject for 19xx series NATIT_For_X1000_series ATIRadeonX1000SeriesGraphics 1950gt_pro X2000_HD_and_X3000_HD_Series NATIT_For_X2000_X3000_Series HD2900xt_pro white_menus_fixe_HD2600_pro white_menus_fixe_HD3850_3870x2 ATI_Radeon_HD_2600_Pro_AGP (this one no need for natit and white menufix) ATI_Radeon_HD_2600_XT_AGP (this one no need for natit and white menufix) Mobo_Chipsets AppleNForceATA AppleOnboardPCATA AppleVIAATA AppleGenericPCATA SiliconImage3132 Thirds_Applications ALL Patches ALL
  10. hi i have a Fujitsu Semiens Amilo Li1718 with this info.(see below) I want to know which installer to download (kalyway ect) and then what to select when im in the customise section of the isntaller. I have tryed sooo many F IN times so PLEASE help. My Computer Info PLEASE HELP ME I NEED THIS ASAP THANKX
  11. Here is my pc spec. its a fujitsu semiens amilo Li1718 i am installing Kalyway_10.5.2_DVD_Intel_Amd which kerrenel do i choose??? thankx olly
  12. Hi I have an amilo Li1718 and I am installing. Kalyway_10.5.2_DVD_Intel_Amd In The customise option which drivers do i select?? I cant find which ones to select anywhere on the net so please someone help me