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  1. Clover General discussion

    @fltr: In config.plist. Usa plisteditpro ed aggiungi le stringhe. Basta guardare le immagini nella cartella in Efi/doc/config.plist fullsample. Dopo che hai capito come funziona è una sciocchezza! il secondo da te citato è un framebuffer che permette l'utilizzo delle nostre schede video. Potresti mettere i settaggi per prova al boot. Vai su opzioni e vai su graphics injector. Lì premi sui settaggi che ho menzionato prima e li cambi (occhio aji o hamachi scrivili in minuscolo). Se funziona tutto bene poi li modifichi al 100% con plistedit pro e modifichi il file config.plist che sta in efi nella partizione di Clover. I have explained in our language the passages to set clover video settings
  2. Clover General discussion

    I've used for my Ati HD 7850 the following settings and it works, but of course you it varies according to your video card: InjectATI -> TRUE FakeID -> 0x68181002 FBName-> Aji or Hamachi LoadVBios-> TRUE it works without modifying kexts ect! The only bug I have is that when I reboot I get black screen and have to manually change everytime from aji to hamachi or from hamachi to aji to make it work again. Maybe it is a bug of Clover like the one that Aji wasn't saving (solved with a new version posted on projectosx). PS. @fltr: non è difficile ahah se ci sono riuscito io!
  3. Clover General discussion

    Ok, thank you guys!
  4. Clover General discussion

    I checked the log, Aji is ok and detected. But why doesn't it save it into the settings? This is what I'm not getting, it should remain Aji. EDIT: fixed it with Hamachi that remains saved but just like Aji when I reboot i get black screen. In order to make it work I have to manually change the fbname (even though it is the same) and works. It only happens when I boot straight without touching fbname in graphics options during boot. Do you know why?
  5. Clover General discussion

    Plist is correct because I'm opening it with plistedit pro; where do I find the boot logs? Sorry for these questions it is my first hackintosh with clover and everything has proved to be rock solid and better than before so far, I only got this little thing that I can't seem to solve. Into config plist it is saved but in reality i always have to insert it during boot.
  6. Clover General discussion

    I don't have any nvram.plist in clover partition and I haven't made any other edit in dsdt..i also configured other config.plist in the same partition but it doesn't store FBName yet..
  7. Clover General discussion

    Can anyone help me? I can't save FBConfig into config.plist. I inserted under Graphics <key>FBName</key> <string>Aji</string> but it doesn't save it into clover and during boot i always have to change it manually. Thank you in advance
  8. I was using whatever came with myhack, graphicsenabler as far as I've seen; Anyway I solved the problem by replacing com.apple.boot.plist, like Anarchintosh mentioned.
  9. it works for me apart that it disabled my video settings now I should use graphicsenabler again. I had myhack before with latest chameleon you released.
  10. Updated through Software Update and everything's working like a charm =)
  11. E quando morirà la mitica P5K......?

    la P5Q etc non è ottima? avevo una P5K SE prima della mia P5Q PRO e l'esperienza hackintosh si è semplificata ulteriormente
  12. 10.6.2...out

    aggiornato tramite aggiornamento software e tutto ok!
  13. FakeSMC v2.5 Released

    upgraded my fakesms on my retail SL and it's working fine,thank you so much!
  14. Allora sta funzionando tutto egregiamente,adesso posso evitare anche di sostituire il file boot grazie al chameleon RC3 che svolge il suo egregio lavoro. Sono di nuovo qui per chiedervi un aiuto,praticamente non mi va il lettore dvd IDE che ho,semplicemente perchè nel pacchetto che ho scaricato non c'erano i kext (jmicron e via/sas ecc che di solito erano quelli che me lo facevano andare con l'ideneb). Non è che qualcuno con questa mobo li ha? (in 64 bit ovviamente anche,visto che il sistema mi va in 64 bit nativamente). Grazieeee ancoraa!