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  1. Hey guys, I'm trying to install based on the following specs: - MSI x58 Pro-E - Intel i7 processor - 6GB RAM - Palit GTX260 to cut short, I actually managed to install ML by deleting NVD* kexts in the USB. With ######, Network, Audio, and most basic things are OK except 1. Graphic card is not recognised.. (it is recognised as 3MB graphics) So basically I installed NVEnabler, it got recognised but still has no QE/CI, with fixed resolution of 1024 x 768. Boot with GraphicsEnabler=Yes to no avail too. is there any way to solve this problem? BTW remember I did delete NVD* kexts before installing, when I installed back all 4 of them, the monitor has no display (not just black screen, so it basically lost connection just like when u plugged the cable). Should I reinstall only specific kexts? The 4 kexts are : - NVDAGF100Hal - NVDAGK100Hal - NVDANV50Hal - NVDAResman many thanks for those willing to help in advance!
  2. Linksys NAS200

    will the Linksys NAS200 work on snow leopard?
  3. erm the thing is it failed after repair with the error key out of order. and it says volume macosx cannot be repaired.. is there any other way?
  4. hi recently i have this problem.. when I boot into my SL, it hanged when loading. so i try to boot -v saw the problem incorrect block count for file shutdown_time, then it says it should be 1 instead of 0 (can't really remember maybe the other way round) there was saying KEY OUT OF ORDER, and lastly when trying to rebuild b-tree. it failed. anyone has solution for this? thanks!
  5. hi! i need help here. I succesfully installed SL to 10.6.2, but I have some problem here.. the reason I install SL is to use aperture and final cut pro.. but SL says graphics cards not supported or VRAM = 0. my graphic card is gtx260 any way to solve it? thanks!
  6. i just installed hackintosh and i realised i cannot take screenshot.. i tried using Grab from mac, but it didn't work..(just blank white screen) also tried camtasia, also cannot work saying about graphic card.. tried the key combination, heard the click sound, but didn't take anything may i know what is the problem? is there any way to take screenshot other than those methods above? thanks!
  7. Need help with RAID, dual boot

    anyone can help?
  8. Hi, I'm trying to install iAtkos v7 on my PC. Currently I have 2 x 500gb seagate hd in RAID 0 my current partition is c: 150gb d: 750gb I just tried to shrink 80gb to install iatkos, it's shown as unallocated space. I then run the iatkos dvd, but when I were to choose where to install, it show nothing. I tried to see diskutil, there were 2 harddisk: 490gb-mbr 490gb-unformatted I cant seem to find my 80gb unallocated space i just set. how can I solve this?without losing any data? any help is appreciated! thank you!