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    This doesn't belong in this thread, it belongs in 
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    If you can, I would suggest trying AppleAlc.kext + Lilu.kext. That would be an option. Also, in case you want to continue using Voodoohda, which you definitely can, maybe check if it's up to date.
    Aaand, just in case there is an actual Clover issue, that might have been fixed from the latest official build to the latest available, you can give the attached one a try. See if it still occurs. But you should probably start with fixing the VoodooHDA issue first.
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    Not that I know of. I mean, there shouldn't be any significant changes that would cause boot issues... But if you could provide more information on what happens exactly, that might help. Maybe a boot log. You could boot in verbose mode and see where does it get stuck. You might need to update your drivers, in case you haven't already. So...there could be multiple issues. But I personally haven't encountered such issues. So...maybe you can also upload your Clover folder for a deeper analysis? You can remove the serials from your config.plist/smbios.
    Also, I think it might help a lot to know which hardware are you using. Could you, please, update your signature to include this information?
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    with mojave 10.14.4beta the kernel has been changed and to start it it is necessary to at least clover 2.4_4862 
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    Kernel panic VoodooHDA