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    Clover General discussion

    Using AppleALC + lilu and patching with FB Patcher i made sound to work on Dell Vostro on laptop speakers, but whenever i try to plug headphones in headphone jack, sound works for half a second and then stops.
  2. ktwist

    Clover General discussion

    Dam that was fast HmO... thank you very very very much
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    Clover General discussion

    Thanks arsadu, i made updates to my signature. Here is attachment of my current EFI folder (for Dell Vostro from signature with intel HD 620 graphics). I am trying to boot from external SSD attached to USB (It boots up fine with clover 4798, but problematic with latest version 4862) My version of Mojave is 10.14.2 (but similar situation is happening on desktop with update 10.14.3 i.e. boot not possible after clover update) I've made attempts to make screenshots with my phone, but it happens really fast so i don't know if screens are usable to conclude something. Also i have attached my efi folder. Thank you for help. Regards EFI.zip
  4. ktwist

    Clover General discussion

    Is something significant has changed since clover v 48xx? I can't update clover past version 479x and get mojave to boot properly.