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  1. Hi guys, just thought I should let you all know iv managed to get snow leopard running under esxi using the previous hint, following that i downloaded a seperate darwin_snow.iso from iFans so i could install vmware tools, I also used donks unlocker and now have the machine running as "Apple Mac OS X Snow Leopard 64 Bit", so the entire proceedure is as follows: 1. insert nawcom's boot cd 2. swap to snow leopard cd 3. press f5 until "snow leopard" is listed, select using arrow keys and press enter 3. once installer starts enter disk utility and partition the vmware disk 4. run the installer 5. reboot and swap to modified darwin_snow.iso 6. install vmware tools from iso and reboot 7. install donks unlocker 8. change virtual machine to "Snow Leopard 64 bit" 9. insert nawcoms disk for booting Just thought i'd add that after this was done i 'upgraded' vmware tools using the esxi console =] and your good to go, any questions please ask. =]