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    Gigabyte 889 Audio

    Am I need to rename the Legacy889HDA_Gigabyte.kext to Legacy889HDA.kext?
  2. I've just clean reinstalled the OS, it's work again! And here is simple way to resolve this issue: To quote WilliamG there, "Go to your HD: Then Library/Preferences/Audio, and delete the .plist file in there. Reboot, and then your audio will work again."
  3. My Korg Zero8 firewire audio interface was working prefect with 10.6.4, after updated via 10.6.5 combo update, it is not recognized anymore, althought I've repaired permission. It's nothing about zero8's info in the system profiler firewire device tree or system preference sound setting now. Does anyone's audio interface have a similar issue or any idea to solve this issue? p.s I'm using 64bit and Zero8 is using core audio and no need to install driver.
  4. ejlml

    ATi HD5000 BootLoader !

    Hi sch8mid, do U have sleep issue? My system auto wake up when the display going to sleep. Same system same OS, different display card and boot file can sleep before. Could U pls share your dsdt and extensions? My E/E only have IONetworkingFamily.kext by Lnx2Mac, JMicron 36xeSATA.kext and Legacy889HDA.kext. And the S/L/E have FakeSMC 4.0.5 and AppleHDA 889 patched. This morning it's can sleep suddenly! Hoha, everything ok!
  5. Does anyone can sleep? the system auto wake up when the display going to sleep. Same system same OS, different display card and boot file can sleep before.
  6. Thanks for share your kexts. Am I need to delete any plugins in the SuperIOFamily's contents to match my x58a-ud3r or just copy whole folder to E/E? And does it support ATI HD5770 monitoring?
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    我建立了个中文OSx86 wiki站点

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    广东人 来报到

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  12. My mobo is GA-X58A-UD3R rev 2.0 and I7 930. I've followed his guide step by step already, cannot work. The point is hasn't headphones in my profiler. Only blcak blue green and digital out.
  13. Finally I've got all of the audio outputs work with voodooHDA! U may see everything! Also U may try to use green, black, orange and grey outputs to build a 7.1 surround system via aggregate device. But I don't have sound system to try if it really work. The front panel headphone also can work now. Only have a lillte problem is under 24bits, the soud quality is not so good then 16bits, and there haven't any info in the System profiler. I know it is very easy to fix it by add the pin config in the dsdt. VoodooHDA.kext.zip
  14. ejlml

    Project: Mac Daddy

    Hi, here is mine! Buy in China, only around US$40 More picture from the seller
  15. Anybody know how to active the front panel headphone output ?