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  1. I just installed DP2 and the only issue so far is USB 3.0. Everything else seems to be ok. P.S I don't like the new Dock and some things in the new look.
  2. You need to read my post above very carefully. You used the framebuffer which requires custom EDID injection, there are two framebuffers.
  3. 10.9.3 requires nothing special to be done, if your DSDT worked before with patched kext, it should work on 10.9.3 as well.
  4. I've attached my config.plist and yes, i use Clover o inject the custom EDID. config.plist.zip In my case it was picking up the custom EDID but it didn't inject it until i used wrong senseid for LVDS. Try this, when you create the DisplayMergeNUB.kext with FixEDID, it also creates a Display Override folder/file on your Desktop, copy it to /System/Library/Displays/Overrides/ and try injecting the EDID again with Clover. Use the same EDID in Clover and in the Display Override file. When you are making the kext your Display must be recognized, this way you get the correct address, ProductID and VendorID of the display. When done, use the custom EDID i made for you in Clover and in the override folder. If it's not working, try with wrong senseid and try every framebuffer without patching it.
  5. 00FFFFFFFFFFFF00061014A0000000000A160104902615780A6FB1A7554C9E250C505400000001010101010101010101010101010101883B803671383B405D3E6A007ED710000018000000FC00436F6C6F72204C43440A202020000000FE00434D4F0A202020202020202020000000FE004E3137334847452D4C31310A2000DCIf you want, try this one is for MacBook Pro.Edit. I tried MacBook Air and its not working, with the right and wrong senseid. So give this a try. You only need to fix the broken checksum.
  6. Hey, sorry about the outdated kexts but i think by now everyone should have learned how to patch your AMD6000Controller.kext, it is a simple task and there are instructions here how to do it yourself. There is even better way now with Clover, no need for DSDT patches etc, you can do everything with Clover, kext patching, EDID injection etc. but here it is one last time: 1. Copy AMD6000Controller.kext to your Desktop 2. OPen HexEdit and go to File > Open and chose the AMD6000Controller binary inside the kext 3. Go to Find>Find and Replace In the "Find" field paste this 000400000403000000010000120401050008000004020000000100001102040310000000100000000001000000000002 In the "Replace with" field paste this 020000004000000009010000100100030008000000020000000100001102010110000000100000000001000000000205 or this if you are using some sort of custom EDID injection (DSDT or DisplayMergeNUB.kext) to fix the gradients issue 020000004000000009010000100000030008000000020000000100001102010110000000100000000001000000000205 4. Click "Find next" 5. You will get this in HexEdit window 6. Click Replace and you will get this, the new patched framebuffer 7. Go to File>Save You just patched your kext.
  7. You don't have to, i am getting a VGA monitor today, I'll test it.
  8. The reason why EDID injection works and it works also with "wrong" senseid for me is because in my custom EDID i am using Descriptor Name from MacBook Pro, i just figured this out (my display was recognized as DisplayProductID 0x0a14 and DisplayVendorID 0x610). I tried with my original Descriptor Name and it's not working. Post your original and custom EDID, i will help you.
  9. Can you test another framebuffer and see if there are any changes? Original: 02000000000100000901000012040303000400000406000000710000110201010004000004060000007100002103020200040000040600000071000022050404 Patched: 02000000400000000901000010000307000800000002000000710000110201010004000004060000007100002103020210000000100000000071000000000404 This is Alouatta framebuffer, use AtiPorts=3
  10. Now I really got it why EDID is not being injected with senseid 0x3, I just managed to do it Tomorrow I will have a VGA monitor to run some tests and I will update my OP if there are changes, my guess is there are gonna be. If anyone with 6650M wants to test it today, let me know. (You need to have VGA and HDMI) @mmon Which framebuffer you are patching?
  11. Cool, that's definitely better. I'm sure I tried the sleep-wake trick but it didn't worked. We are getting there, I wish I had a VGA monitor with me to test it Try different HotPlugID.
  12. 1000 0000 1000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0204 Try this with senseid which is working for you. With this framebuffer for VGA i can use it as extended desktop/mirror display only if i connect it when i power on my laptop. If my laptop is already running it can't detect it. When i disconnect the VGA,i can still see it in System Preferences/Displays. When i connect it back it's detected. (It behaved like this before, i haven't test it now with the "wrong" senseid)