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  1. I just did the ghost -fni -ia -ib and it booted right up from the clone afterwards. Awesome! Thanks, Ronald! I really needed to clone/ghost the drive, because I was running out of space, though. Now I have a partition on the new drive that is exactly the same size as the old one, and lots of unused space on that drive that I can't get to. I need one larger partition for the system drive, though... the stuff I need to install needs to go on the system drive. Disk Utility doesn't let me resize it. Any suggestions? Is there something like Partition Magic for Mac OS X? Thanks!
  2. I haven't tried this yet, since I just got a Quadro4 900 to play with today (and wanted to check upfront what kind of trouble I'm in for), but I found this: http://themacelite.wikidot.com/kext-mod Sounds as if this is an explanation about how to resolve the Kernel Panic you are getting. If everything goes right, then I'll try this this weekend myself - but I'm still on JaS 10.4.6 (...downloading 10.4.8 takes DAYS on my end). Good luck!
  3. I just got a new Dell D620 today and installed JaS 10.4.6 on an external USB drive. I initially got Kernel Panics upon DVD boot, but was able to get around it by turning stuff off in the BIOS that is not absolutely needed (will have to look into what in particular prevented it from booting, but for now, the goal was to get the OS on the drive the get started - I even turned off Dual Core support, although I think it should work with that on). I was able to install to the external drive and the OS is on that drive now, but I can't get it to boot from it although I set the USB drive as the first boot device before all others. When I boot, it just grabs Windows and ignores the external Mac drive. Anyway, I'll dig into this some more and will post the results if successful, but would appreciate if anybody has any input that could save me some time.
  4. Y-my-R

    Is Logic Pro 7.1 Stable on OSx86

    Update: Logic 7.2.1 (with XS-Key), M-Audio ProjectMix I/O +JaS OSX86 10.4.6 = Rock solid! The problems I had previously were CPU related and I was able to resolve them. Very happy now!
  5. Hah! I got it working. The CPU couldn't take the multiplier it is rated for. The Athlon 64 4000+ normally runs at 200x12=2400MHz, but that's what got the system to be unstable. I dropped the multiplier to 11, so I'm now running at 2200 MHz. Everything seems solid now. TechTool runs 40+ Memory test loops with no problems and a test project with a total of 132 Plugins is running in Logic Pro 7.2 without hickups for the last 40 minutes or so at close to max CPU load and keeps going as I type. Sure, I took a hit in performance, but it still beats my old PowerBook 800 around the block and back. Happy!!! :pirate2: BTW, CPU temperature was not the problem, I monitored that more closely now and it didn't even get close to the 70C limit. Memory timing didn't do anything to improve the problem either. I guess it's really just the CPU that can't hold what it promises... Oh well, I got the processor for free, so I won't complain
  6. Quick update: I downloaded the TechTool 4.5 Beta and ran a bunch of tests. Everything seems fine unless I'm testing the RAM (and only the RAM) repeatedly in a loop. Around the time the test runs its 15 or so loop, the system kernel panics. This may point to the memory as the culprit, however, when monitoring the CPU load, it also shows that the memory test puts the highest load on the CPU - even higher than when running a CPU test (everything passes when doing a CPU test - even in a loop). I tried 3 different 256MB memory sticks and combinations of them, but the system always Kernel Panics when running the Memory test in a loop, so I don't think it's the actual memory sticks, but much more either the timing or how the memory gets addressed by the board or the CPU as suspected in my last post. These are the RAM sticks I tried: - Patriot 256 MB PC2700 333 MHz DIMM (PSD256333) - PQI 48750 256 MB DDR-333 (MD3456UVI-T666A) - 2x Transcend/JetRam 256 MB DDR400 DIMM 2.5-3-3 Similar results with all of them. Does anybody have any clues? I don't have much of a clue when it comes to modifying the memory timing. What settings could make the memory at bit more forgiving and the timing a little less tight? Thanks in advance for any tips you can give me!
  7. I'm running Logic 7.2.1 (with XS Key) on an AMD Athlon 64 and it seems to run very stable if I'm doing only "light" work on the system. However, when I put a lot of load on the system (CPU Meter constantly at around 3/4), it eventually Kernel Panics. Sometimes sooner (3 minutes), sometimes later (30-40 minutes). It seems to depend on the loaded plugins as it doesn't crash at all if I only run audio track without effects. It gets worse if I run CPU intesive Plugins like a couple instances of Sculpture, UltraBeat or SpaceDesigner. The interesting thing is, I can run the AMD system as a Node, slaving to my PowerBook and the AMD will also eventually crash in this configuration. The PowerBook just keeps running. I've been troubleshooting the system for about a week now and think I tried all the usual stuff. I even started playing with the Memory timing after running out of other options but to no avail. The CPU temperature seems to be OK - at least it looks OK when checking in the BIOS right after the panic. I don't know how the AMD CPU is implemented into JaS 10.4.6. If any translation of the processor instructions from Intel to AMD and back takes place, then I'd guess that there could be rounding/FPU errors that eventually lead to a bigger problem and a crash. That's where I thought an Intel based system may run more stable. It would be a shame though, because as long as it runs, the performance is stunning! I tried over 130 Stereo Delays plus a whole bunch of plugins I already had on the tracks before testing (incl. SpaceDesigner, Bass Amp, Enveloper, etc.) and it ran close to max for a couple of mintues before a panic occurred - can't beat that. It just often crashes much sooner with only 3/4 load, which is the performance I really need. Did anyone compare Logic on AMD vs. Intel? More stable? Comparable performance? Other tips to fix this problem? Thanks very much in advance!
  8. Y-my-R

    M-Audio Firewire 1814

    Yes, you need the M-Audio FireWire driver for Intel for the ProjectMix. I have it running on my AMD with an ADS Tech FireWire card and it works great. I'm investigating system crashes with Logic 7.2 right now, but it crashes regardless of if I'm using the ProjectMix, AC97 or any other audio interface (I tried a couple), so I think it's safe to say that the ProjectMix works just fine with the M-Audio driver.
  9. Y-my-R

    Is Logic Pro 7.1 Stable on OSx86

    I'm running Logic Pro 7.2 (original with XS-Key) on an AMD Athlon 64 4000+. While it looks as if it runs stable when not tasking the system too much, it always gives a Kernel Panic when doing some SERIOUS work with it. Meaning, 3/4 system load for a longer period of time kills it. It even Kernel Panics the AMD system when running Logic on my PowerBook and only running Logic Node on the AMD. I've tried to troubleshoot this for a week now but can't find a solution. In other words, I start wondering if the other guys who reported that Logic 7.2 works fine on AMD may just not drive the system to the edge, but just checked if basic functionality is there. Hmm... However, while testing the performance, I was able to load about 130(!) Stereo Delays and didn't max the CPU load... it just goes down after a while. So... not even sure if Logic 7.2 works REALLY stable on AMD hardware. Wondering it it's the AMD instruction set that could cause some floating point errors over time that freaks the system out. I even tinkered with the Memory timing after I ran out of the usual options, but couldn't get it to run more stable. Logic, stable - not sure... Athlon XP 64 4000+, Gigabyte GA-K8NSC-939, 512 MB Dual Channel RAM, JaS 10.4.6, ATI Radeon 9550 (Bios Patched for 1280x1024@85 default), AC97 + M-Audio ProjectMix I/O
  10. Y-my-R

    Buying a new PCI Firewire Card

    I just bought a ADS Pyro 64 FireWire card and now my ProjectMix works great! Thanks for the tip!
  11. Y-my-R

    Buying a new PCI Firewire Card

    I got a Adaptec FireConnect 4300 which I believe has a TI chipset, but it doesn't work. Shows up in System Profiler, but doesn't recognize anything I connect to it. I want to use an M-Audio ProjectMix with it, but no luck so far. Athlon64 4000+, Gigabyte GA-K8NSC-939, JaS 10.4.6, Logic Pro 7.2...