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  1. I only get a fast busy signal when I call either of the numbers. I guess this board was great while it lasted, but the company seems to be defunct. Was considering building a more powerful Mac Mini server, but I wanted to keep the easy upgradability by using a motherboard like this.
  2. Does anyone know if this company is still in business? I sent them an email earlier in the week only to finally get an undelivered bounce last night (Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual mailbox table). This was to sales at quocomputer [dot] com. I wanted to purchase one of these motherboards, but I was asking to get a user manual and specs on the board. I am now concerned if this company is still in business which would be a bummer. If anyone has any information that would be great! Last
  3. Hello, I have a prior hackintosh that I am rebuilding, while attempting to use a new Areca 1280 ML RAID controller. I am trying to use the IATKOS L2 distribution to attempt to make things a little easier. The machine is an ASUS PH5-DH Deluxe which I use to run Leopard on. The IATKOS appears to have no Areca support, so I have come up with some work-arounds which allows me to install Lion on my Boot drive, but I still cannot boot after the install. What I have done is boot the IATKOS distribution, with a USB flash drive installed, I go into a terminal, type kextload ArcMSR.kext. The Areca then comes up as an available drive. I then run diskutil create an MBR volume, install Lion. Then when the system is done with the install, I boot the IATKOS DVD, go into terminal, kextload ArcMSR.kext, then I copy the ArcMSR.kext into my /Volumes/<system volume>/System/Library/Extensions, reboot and when the system is trying to start (with the -v option), it eventually hangs and I get the error eventually: Still waiting for root device i am using the ArcMSR-1.3.4 which is the latest one on the Areca site for Lion. I even tried deleting my kernelcache to see if they helps. I don't see any evidence that the kext is loading and am not sure what needs to be done to get this kext to execute at boot time. Given that I can manually load this kext during my install makes me think it is compatible. Any help would be really appreciated as I have not found anything on the internet other than a couple people stating it works. osxster
  4. Are there any new developments on this? Does anyone know what kext file doesn't work on a hackintosh? The problem is the extensions.mkext is a cache file of your current kernel extensions. As a result, you really can't just copy it from the JAS install to this. Otherwise when you make changes, your JAS cache extensions.mkext will get overwritten and your system will no longer work. It certainly sounds like a good work around to getting the system booting.
  5. I've seen and tried the recently uploaded "Mac OS X 10.5 Server VMWare Image" on DM, however, like the other recent 10.5 image on there, but they never boot up. Has anyone been successful with any of these on VMWare Fusion 2.0-2.2.2 on Leopard on a Hackintosh? Basically if I bring it up in text mode, it crashes after starting up servermgrd: Could not get a Server Hostname from SCPreferencesGetHostName and goes into a continuous Saved crashreport cycle starting with Saved crashreport to /Library/Logs/CrashReporter/ATSServer_2009-02-14-063555_localhost.crash. It does this with a few different modules which keep crashing over and over again. There was another recent Leopard image on there that did the exact same thing. My Fusion environment works fine otherwise and I am running the old 10.4.11 Virtual Appliance on my machine fine. Do these work on Fusion on the Mac or only on lets say VMWare on linux? Anyone gotten them to work on Fusion on the mac?
  6. Perhaps we need to know a little more information on the people's machines that it worked on. It does not work on either of my Quad Core Q6600 Asus P5W DH systems with 4 gigs of memory. One of those machines is at 10.5.1 with the original 10.5.0 image that first came out for the hackint0sh's, the other machine is running the JAS 10.5.4 Client / Server build that came out. Both are using NVidia 7xxx cards. The only thing odd about this is that it starts up and hangs. I'd think it wouldn't get that far if it was a cpu flag or something like that.
  7. Yup, I have the same problem with the VMWare Fusion Final. Spinning globe on the Galaxy screen before the installer comes up. Has anyone released a prebuild Leopard Server Image for VMWare Fusion? I'm curious if it is just the installer that doesn't work on a hackintosh, or if there is something else that makes this not work. I've gotten the prebuilt Tiger image to work.. I've gotten the PCWiz Leopard image to run, but no reliable networking support.
  8. Has anyone gotten this to work on a Hackintosh? Beta 2 and RC1 both boot up, the galaxy screen comes up and then you get a spinning globe. Never got any further on two different machines.. Any tricks to getting this to work?
  9. Did the install.. However what I noticed is that none of the onboard ports work for the keyboard or mouse. The installer installed, got to the screen for the server. But the mouse pointer won't move. For the heck of it, I found a USB mouse, and what do you know, the mouse works. Keyboard does not as I don't have a USB keyboard. Is there anything else I can do / install to get PS2 support? I tried the APCIPS2 selection and the Mininub PS2 selection. The PS2 and keyboard work fine during the install DVD bootup, just they don't work after the computer reboots and you finish the installation. Any easy fixes for this?
  10. BadAxe (or anyone else), Were you ever successful in getting JAS 10.5.4 Client/Server to install on the P5W DH MB? I'd be curious what options were selected for the perfect install. Spent a few hours on this already, haven't gotten it to work. If you select too many options, the installer fails immediately (I would assume some of the options available for install in JAS's release are not actually on the CD and thus if you select to install something not on the CD, the installer fails). I finally got it to install picking less options, but it locks up after reboot when the video comes up. I just get a spinning globe. I think I have a duplicate driver checked which might be preventing it from coming up fully. The major issue I think is knowing exactly which options are needed to get this board to work and if you install too many options or kext's, you are going to have drivers which may not be compatible with one another.
  11. In response to the first reply, yes VMWare does have CPU ID flags in it, however from what I have read, changing the CPU ID's on it turns VMWare into running in 32 bit mode instead of 64 bit mode. People have advised not to do that.. If it was a problem with the CPUID, I'd expect VMWare to not run at all. However it does run, and it runs rather well for 3 hours usually. Then it just crashes. The OSX host machine still runs perfect (to my knowledge), it's just the VMware process that hangs and crashes.. .
  12. I've got two machines running Leopard. I've got an Asus Quad Core Intel running one of the first 10.5.1 images that came out. Still runs perfect. I have VMWare Fusion 1.1.1 installed and run a prebuilt Tiger images known as OSX10.4.10_Vmware_Appliance on it. It runs flawlessly I can keep it up for weeks and it never crashes. I take this same EXACT image and try to run that on my AMD machine, it will run for 2-3 hours but VMWare Fusion will always eventually crash. I've tried a fresh OSX10.4.10_Vmware_Appliance image, no difference. Since the AMD machine is a test machine, I've tried different Leopard images from Kalyway to Leo4All, tried upgrading to 10.5.3, or any other tricks, VMWare Fusion running my Tiger VM will always crash eventually. This machine is a Bio Star K8M800 Micro AM2 motherboard with an AMD Dual core. 2 gigs of memory and SATA. NVidia 7800 AGP 8X video card. I've tried different Leopard kernels for the heck of it, some of the kernels that come with the Kalyway image cause VMWare fusion to crash the local Leopard OS kernel as soon as I start it. Using the default Kernels with either Leopard image, the local machine never crashes, just VMWare Fusion. I've also tried VMWare Fusion versions 1.1.1 and 1.1.3, all have the same problem. Any help on this would be appreciated as I can't think of anything else to try to make VMWare Fusion stable on this AMD system. Any feedback of anyone who has successfully run Tiger on VMWare Fusion on an AMD system using a host OSX Leopard machine would be helpful too!
  13. Hello, Where would we find out the path map for a Lenovo T61 SoundMAX? I would assume they are all the same, do you have any examples of a working Path Map for these? Thanks..
  14. I have successfully installed OSX on my machine. I am using an MBR partition system. I have no desire to dual boot, however I did install a 1 gig fat32 partition on the machine. If I setup my OSX partition as Active, I get Missing Operating system. I've rewrote the MBR, I tried installing some Boot Managers, but nothing will make my OSX system boot from hard disk. If I stick in the DVD it will boot from HD. I want to fix this problem so I can install the EFI boot loader (tried v8). I followed those steps however my system still will not boot. Any ideas? If there was a way to rewrite the Darwin Boot loader and Boot sector, I'd imagine that would fix this. I have searched and searched and the only suggestions are reinstalling the OS. I KNOW there is a way to do this, just does anyone know how? The installer knows how..
  15. Cannot boot with toh

    When booting from the DVD and it it asks press any key (or enter) to install Leopard, press any key (or enter) to install Leopard. If you don't press any key, it tries to boot from the hard drive and you get that error cause there is nothing on the hard drive.