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  1. I know this isn't exactly overclocking, but I'm really at a loss and don't know where else to put this. I have two Gigabyte boards. One is a P35C-DS3R, the other is a GA-945GM-S2. The former has a Core 2 Quad @ 2.4GHz and the latter has a Core 2 Duo @ 2.53GHz. Both CPUs were downclocked to 1.6GHz, by their boards, for some strange reason. On the P35C-DS3R, which is a higher end board with overclocking features, I was able to fix this by "overclocking" the CPU, which was really setting the CPU to its stock 266 FSB and 9x multiplier (the board had it at 200 and 6x). The GA-945GM-S2, however, has the correct FSB, 266, but the incorrect multiplier - 6x instead of 9.5x. This board is low-end and has no overclocking features for the CPU, so I can't manually set the correct multiplier. I can't figure out why this happened to both of my CPUs/boards, as it's not happening to everyone with these boards. Quick things I've already tried: -updating BIOS -yes, the CPU is supported -running a few 1080p videos to see if it would crank up the CPU -turn off EIST -turn off C1E I really don't know what else to do. Any suggestions? Thanks! Edit: Nevermind, I misunderstood Gigabyte's CPU compatibility list. :\
  2. Ron Paul's Book tops #1 on Amazon

    Wow, the fact that you'd go there completely destroys any points you've made in this thread. Ron Paul is amazing politician, and I'll tell you why: it's because he's nothing like a politician. Real politicians bloviate and make up {censored} that sounds good to their constituency. Ron Paul, on the other hand, given pretty much any situation, can pull up an extremely relative precedent out of his head for almost any topic, elaborate on it, and relate it to current events, just like that. He doesn't vote for something because someone paid him to; he votes for it because it's what he believes in. And yes, Ron Paul cannot use his presidential campaign money on his congressional campaign, but he's not even out of the presidential race yet. Though there may be absolutely no chance of him winning, he's still in it to spread the message of freedom and liberty, because no other candidate will do it. Hopefully he's paved the way for future candidates like him.
  3. I'm pretty sure the K-12 store is only available for employees of K-12 schools/school boards in most places. I'm pretty sure some schools have deals with Apple for students as well, but I doubt it's a whole lot.
  4. Damn, lucky. They came around here 2 days after I got their CD, and by then it was too late. Ever since then (8 months ago), they haven't even come close. Anyway, best concert I've ever been to was Kenny Chesney's Road and the Radio tour in the New Orleans Arena last month. Damn good show. Second best concert was Alter Bridge.
  5. That's what mine does too, but then it does what I've posted in my first post.
  6. Whoa, fanboy alert. Here's an update: It's not old, and Virtual PC 2007 is coming out shortly. It's not crappy, and it's not out of development; it just seems that you are one of those "M$ sucks, I like anything that isn't made by M$" people. Not to mention, your entire post can be discredited with this link that proves that Virtual PC works with a large majority of operating systems. Like I already said, I have Ubuntu working well on it, not to mention that I also have Symphony OS and Freespire working on it well and fast. In short; you are uninformed and do not know what you are talking about. Note: this is not being mean. Of the five points you made, three things are factually wrong and the other two are most probably biased fanboy opinions. This post was brought to you by an iBook G4. (Point of this statement: Cut the anti-Microsoft {censored}. I love Apple and I'm sick of anti-Microsoft people making us all look bad.)
  7. Actually, I've already done that. Supposedly it's MMX and SSE2. That should work, right?
  8. Virtual PC 2004 runs Ubuntu 6.06 extremely well. I think what you are saying is just a ill-founded rumor started by Microsoft haters.
  9. FREE Microsoft Virtual PC 2004

    Uh, look at his post again. He said Virtual PC 2004 is now free. Virtual PC 2004 does not exist for OS X.
  10. Yes, I like VPC 2004 better than VMWare. I seem to be getting this error when trying to install it: I am seeing a lot of topics in this section about processor errors with VMWare, so I am hoping there is a similar solution for VPC 2004. -x and -s don't work either, though the error screens are different. I'm at a loss.
  11. FREE Microsoft Virtual PC 2004

    I like VPC 2004 better than VMWare as well. I tried installing Windows 98 SE under both and VMWare ran it like {censored}. Runs smooth and seemless in VPC.
  12. Apple's Jobs Warns On 'Greedy' Music Pricing

    Music is too expensive. Plain and simple. Why would I want to pay 99 cents to download a song? And I don't even pirate music (anymore).
  13. How Do You Take A Screenshot?

    Also helpful! Thanks.
  14. How Do You Take A Screenshot?

    Hey thanks a lot stelriah!
  15. How do you take a screenshot in OS X? (Like the printscreen key function in Windows). Thanks. P.S. This is on a real Mac (an iBook).