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  1. Guys, Thanks for the help. I think this thread will get me on the right track. Forgive me for being a newbie on much of this. Here is my configuration. I have just gotten in a 2009 Mac Pro 8-core 2.66 GHz Nahalem. It came with 2 1TB SATA drives installed. I purchased another one and my plan is to leave OS X on drive 1, XP 64-bit on drive 2, and put Linux (CentOS 5.3 hopefully) on drive 3. What I did yesterday was 1. Reformat drive 2 out of OS X to a FAT system just to make sure that when I went to install XP it would recognize it. That may not have been necessary 2. I then shut down, removed the OS X drive (leaving only drive 2), and restarted the computer and booted from the 64-bit XP install CD. I have left the 3rd drive blank at this point and not installed. 3. Installed 64-bit XP 4. Manually installed the video driver for the NVIDIA GT120 from the internet 5. Installed the RealTek sound drivers from the OS X Applications Install CD 6. Installed the Intel chipset drivers from the OS X Applications Install CD At this point and after several reboots in the process everything at least works in XP with the exception of the Bluetooth USB Controller which I dont really care about at this point. I am not running Bootcamp or any other bootloader at this point. I just hold down the option key and select which drive I want to boot from either OS X or Windows XP. SO....Looking at this thread I am assuming that my hard drives are operating in legacy mode and not taking advantage of the full AHCI capabilities. Can someone here recap completely what I need to do for 64-bit Windows XP on the 2009 Mac Pro machine that I have? Also when I go to Linux on the 3rd drive, any suggestions? Will Linux have AHCI support by default? Thanks, Eric