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  1. 中文文档实在少之又少,大陆某个虚拟币论坛很不喜欢,知è¯ †当"钱"卖。 我建了个中文wiki站点,希望大家一起来建设。 http://www.wikyblog.com/osx86cn --- 该wiki站点无需注册即可编辑,当然,您也可以注册,方便您ç š„使用。
  2. I have installed iPC10.5.6 ,and it works fine.For video card(7600GS-128MB),I installed "NVdarwin-128MB" But I still want to have a try on installing retail Leopard DVD. So here comes the problem.EFI-Studio does't list my video card(7600GS-128MB),it lists 7600GS-256MB,512MB 。I just want to try some solutions by hand first,not using NVdarwin,NVinject. Is there any solutions?