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  1. pci-e Geforce 7300 LE

  2. pci-e Geforce 7300 LE

    No it does not But the install will be a little more complicated than just using graphicsenabler=true, you might need one of the enablers or a graphic string.
  3. pci-e Geforce 7300 LE

    Yes it does, but you did not specify anything so i assumed that you wanted the lateqt version. To do it, set it in the boot.plist file, but if you use [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] which is the easyest install, just select 64bits from the installer.
  4. Graphic card with two dvi outputs?

    Ok i ended up buying this one: Gigabyte GV NX96T512HP It's just working perfectly with the 2 dvi outputs in 64 bits mode, it's silent, installed without problems with graphicsenabler=true and plus it was pretty cheap too
  5. NVIDIA 9600GT

    Multiple monitors will work with DVI + VGA on most NVIDIA cards ro DVI+DVI, but i never got any DVI + HDMI combo working and i think that nobody did... And yes, i have a gigabyte 9600GT with two DVI outputs and it worked out of the box with chameleon and graphicsenabler=true in boot.plist, no need to do anything else.
  6. pci-e Geforce 7300 LE

    yes it will I once had one of those, but you will have to boot in 32 bits mode that's it
  7. Graphic card with two dvi outputs?

    Thanks for the reply! I actually bought one of those but it was mislabelled... And had one dvi vga and hdmi when i opened the box... Grrrrrr Anyway i will try to find one with dvi only, thanks!
  8. Graphic card with two dvi outputs?

    Hi everybody, i was wondering if someone knew of a two DVI output card that would work in a hackintosh on snow leopard. I searched all the forum, google and ven other sites and found nothing at least in the recent cards. All you can find now are DVI + vga + hdmi and you can't have DVI + HDMI at the same time which leaves you with a crappy VGA signal that really looks bad compared to DVI. I've been using a 7600GT for a while but 1: it's old and slow... and 2: it does not allow me to boot in 64 bits. I would prefer a silent (fanless) one, i really like silence
  9. Nobody has an idea really?
  10. The NVIDIA 9500GT Thread

    Hey did somebody manage to get DVI+HDMI working? Here is a thread i posted that explains it all, but basically both work separately with full resolution change QE/CI but if i plug both at the same time, i don't get any signal... Btw vga+DVI works great but on equal screens, the vga really not as good as the dvi and i would really like to get this to work. Oh i'm using the kexts from the first page of this thread. Thanks
  11. Hi everybody, I have a i5 hack that wrks quite well, and i now am using a dual screen setup on it on a 9500 GT but it uses DVI + VGA and frankly the quality of the vga here is pretty bad compared to the dvi. I wanted to use the HDMI port with an hdmi to dvi adapter but no way... i get black screens right when arriving to the desktop. So HDMI works if it's alone, DVI too, but not simultaneously... I just bought a 9600 GT that was supposed to have dual DVI but the description on the website was not right... and it's also a DVI VGA HDMI one so i suspect it will act the same... Does someone have any idea? Maybe there is a better patch that the one i'm using right now (i used the graphicsenabled of the pcefi10.6 and also a kext modification of the nvidia kexts). I'm about to buy an old 7600 GT with dual DVI out, but i don't want to have low perfs as it's running two 1920x1080 22' screens.
  12. I think that you need to also change some stuff in the bios like load optimized default, set the sata as AHCI and of course set the cd reader as the first boot device, that should work. That first step is the simpler one (even if the rest is quite easy too), but basically if you have the right board, inserting the cd is all you have to do.
  13. The NVIDIA 9500GT Thread

    Just wanted to say thanks! The default graphics enabler in boot.plist did not really enable the QE/CI, only the resolutions, and with this hack, i get everything and it's quite fast too! Thanks a lot!
  14. Nobody seems to care, but the about this mac crash i had was fixed with a simple bios change. I Loaded the optimized defaults and then enabled AHCI again and now everything is working. This is now a 100% working hackintosh and this is crazy how well it performs!
  15. Hi, I just installed a P55M-UD2 board with a core i5 proc and it runs smoothly thanks to tonymacosx86 and his super guide I'm just having a little issue, the about this mac app just crashes all the time and the worse part is that it also quits the session and all the apps and then launches a new one. Did anybody ever experienced that?