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  1. Ok, mi rispondo da me... il problema era il BootLoader avevo la chamaleon v2 rc1 aggiornato con la versione postata in questo threed da scarx e tutto ha ripreso a funzionare, solo che ulteriore problema dei 4 core del Q6600 ne vede solo duee lo SLEEP/WAKE UP non va più.. in sleep rimane l'alimentatore acceso, se premo qualche tasto al wakeup la sheda video non viene configurata correttamente e non si avviano tutti gli HD sono nelle vostre mani... a presto il sistema è: SnowLeopard 10.6.4 (64bit kernel) P5K cross to P5KR, Q6600 2,40Ghz, 2x2GB DDR2 800 kingston,HD1 sata 320GB (SnowLeopard),HD2 sata 1TB (STORAGE),HD3 sata 80GB (Mac BCK),HD4 Pata 200GB (Win7),DVD TSSTcorp SH-S222A Pata, Video GEFORCE 8400 250MB.
  2. ciao, ragazzi vorrei sottporvi il mio problema con la p5k con cross a p5kr premesso che ha sempre funzionato tutto perfettamente, ieri ho aggiunto una dd2 800 da 2GB ai 2GB gia presenti ora il mio SL 10.6.4 non si avvia piu si blocca sulla schermata " using 10485 buffer headers and 4096 cluster IO buffer headers IOAPIC: Version 0x20 vectors 64:87 " se rimuovo la memoria tutto riprende a funzionare normalmente... da cosa potrebbe Dipendere?? ovviamente se faccio il boot dall'HD windows win7 funziona normalmente. saluti a tutti
  3. ATI Mobility RADEON HD 2600 HELP

    @jamdo. hi friend, this is not a news... we know all about dong's framebuffer. (RadeonHD.kext) i olso work on it to implement the acceleration functionality. the real problem of Mob hd2600 is the graphics mode, a this time dong's framebuffer able to change the internal display resolution only in VESA mode. VESA is a legacy mode, that not allow hardware acceleration, that mean we can not use all program needs a Qaurz Extreme and Core Image acceleration (QE/CI). dong still works on ati radeon hd driver from linux but is not a simple work. there is another way that i try tu step in, about a apple driver patch, to enable internal display on mobility radeon hd chip. best regards
  4. ATI Mobility RADEON HD 2600 HELP

    hi, you have to put a correct EDID to info.plist for your display, try to read it using a boot floppy with a little dos tool getedid.exe about QE/CI a this time dong's radeonHD does not support acceleration because framebuffer run in VESA legacy mode, then it works as framebuffer only no qe/ci.
  5. ATI Mobility RADEON HD 2600 HELP

    @Tsi_Eos well, i know about hd2400 , the stange thinks is that hd2400 and hd2600 use a same chip M76 but on HD2600 intenal display still black.. probably hd2600 use a different GPIO configuration. we need the right gpio config to enable inernal connection.
  6. ATI Mobility RADEON HD 2600 HELP

    hey guys, only me still working on this project ???? where are every body ??? so, i'm reversin ATY_Hypoprion for find a way to use it with internal lvds ati hd display. i think there is a possibility to set a correct gpio parameter for ddc and connect flag to enable lvds on intenal laptop dislay. i use hypoprion because it has lvds out on head1 used in imac.. so i need original injection for hypoprion.. some one can help me ?? best regards
  7. hi dong, where you found a reversed framebuffer? i just doing a hypoprion reversing with ida, can you say me where can i find your? thanks.. so already modded the binary code in hypoprion but a have some problem with debugger, ida allow to debug mach-o executable, kext binari was rejected as bad mach-o.. can you give me some advices ?? berst regards
  8. ATI Mobility RADEON HD 2600 HELP

    So, i found something good, there is a Osx Ida Pro with remote debugger server, it allowe to debug process from other machine by lan... now i try to use this method for my experimet investigation.. i hope to do something... i want use server on my laptop osx86 an run idapro52 on windows machine to debug ATY_Hypoprion..
  9. ATI Mobility RADEON HD 2600 HELP

    ok. i'm still continue my experimentation on hypoprion framebuffer... so there are a coupple of things i don't know... M76 chip hd2600 has a standard LVDS interface or that is emulate on LVTMA like as DVI/HDMI/TMSA on second head?? so i check AMD M76 register documentation and ther aren't info about LVDS out, just one little thing for LVTMA_LVDS_MODE. i patched Hypoprion bin to force initializing LVDS out then i have on IOreg ActiveFlag=<40> and internal display shows a blue screen with strange intensity ripplle. in this case external vga is not recognized because i bypass the call to check tmdsa connection. now i need some tool can debugg my modded bin, probably it is possible to patch some other opcode to makes Hypoprion run on internal lvds/lvtma ... any kinds of suggestion are accepted... on pc i use ollydbg, there are some similar tool for osx ?? or some olther alternative for debugg hypoprion bin?? best regards
  10. ATI Mobility RADEON HD 2600 HELP

    Ok. imac hypoprion and other version are same, the problem was on hypoprion plist setting on ioClassmatch.. now the two different version on hypoprion work with same result. now, i think to patch aty_hypoprion to enable internal display connector, the default setting allow to read ddc on vga then find correctly crt1 edid but internal display result not connected...
  11. ATI Mobility RADEON HD 2600 HELP

    ok, yesterday night i did some other test... the result is... ATY_Hypoprion from (imac/mac book) has a LVDS out on main Head that allow to use internal display.. in Ioreg it find internal lcd panel but not LVDS,EDID... that cause a fix resolution 1024x768... i tryied tu inject manually edid but nothing done. alway on ioreg hypoprion can't get the correct Display Io flags in mi case is "0x00000000" but internal display is recognizet as DeviceId-717. if i replace Hypoprion with the same file from AGP package, the internal display switch off and EDID,CRT1 form vga are ok. the Display io flags is correct "0x80440000" and all resolution are availabre on vga out.... so now i try to disassemble both hypoprion bin, i hope to understand wich difference there are beetween this files...
  12. ATI Mobility RADEON HD 2600 HELP

    yes, i extracdet the ATIRadeonX200.kext and ATIRadeonX2000GA.plugin from iMac GraphicsUpdateSoftware1.1. i'm trying so different mix of file because some plugin like AGP drive and each other turn internal display OFF. only imach and "x1600" let intenal display still ON... propably self framebuffer are compiled with different setting, because a different versione of same framebuffer cause a different display output. now my idea is to use RadeonHD frame buffer with imac ATIRadeonX2000 accelerator but it causes a bad sync.. if i set resolution to 1024x768 all work fine. in ioReg, RadeonHD load AtiX2000 plugin correctly... i have working source of RadeonHD but i don't know where i can setup ioregistre to integrate correct acceleration. second Hypothesis , probably RadeonHD allready work with ATIRadeonX2000 but the last one are not compatible with own card M76. Then why it Works fine on VGA out?? that mein ATIRadeonX2000 are fully compatible with M76 Core there is only a GPIO setting problem i mean.. if you read a M76 datasheet you can see that it's a fully programmable GPIO pinout now wee need to understand how put a corret value into Natit plist to configure the output and other else...
  13. ATI Mobility RADEON HD 2600 HELP

    hi friend, now i have internal display qe/ci with ATY_Hipoprion from iMach mob HD2600 kext and RadeonHD framebuffer, but if i try to change screen resolution up to 1024x768 display go out of sync. look the picture i think is possible i change something into RadeonHD to connect correctly to ATIRadeonX2000 plugin to fix this problem...
  14. ATI Mobility RADEON HD 2600 HELP

    hi, i did some other tests... ATY_Lamna has a LVDS driver function, now i have understand how i can use it. parallel, RadeonHD framebuffer work with ATIRadeonX2000 acceleration but loadin ATI Acc it changes the pixel frequncy that cause a lcd display bad sync. but qe and ci work... now it possible to patch Ati X2000 to lock it on a sigle reframe frequncy or set ATY_Lamna to use LVDS output connection. any ideas ???
  15. ATI Mobility RADEON HD 2600 HELP

    Ok, i try to understand what framebuffer and core image accelerator works. if i want use a RadeonHD for QE and CI i have implemet the 3d and quarz functions into the RadeonHD source then recompile the kext with xcode, but it isn't a silmple jobs for me. so i trying to setup natit configuration and framebuffet plugin for lsvd internal display interface. my idea is to read RadeonHd framefubber info then set ATY_lamna in same way, using internal display with right resolution. if it is possible, ATIRadeonX2000 should works right i mean. about info into system profiler, that is only a string readed fron natit info file, you can change it replacing a Name Descripton of you Device ID in a natit info.plist. now i tryied to install standard HD2600 package without replace any files, and it works fine with external VGA display on my Mob HD2600 fully accelerated QE CI and 512 VRAM. in this case the internal display automatcly switch Off on driver loading, but this is already knows. So now i edit a natit framebuffer plugin "ATY_Lamna" and set some property to enable LVSD output, the internal display still on during a driver loading but it shows a confused image with good mouse pointer. i mean is possible to find a right config of Lamna plugin to enable internal display acceleration. so but i'm beginner and i don't know if my hypothesis is correct...