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  1. Boot stuck at RTC

    anyone same like me ????
  2. Boot stuck at RTC

    Mine stuck on RTC: Only single RAM bank (128 bytes) Help me plizzz???
  3. Dell Precesion 690

    I have a Dell Precission 490, can I install OSX Mavericks in to this PC? Thx
  4. Dell Precision 490

    Hi, I need DSDT for Dell Precission 490. Anyone, please help me? Thanks
  5. Help Shappire HD3850

    I got my screen square white and black (see pict), after update Natit.kext and ATIRadeonX2000.kext? Does anyone can help me,please? Thx
  6. Help Shappire HD3850

    I got screen weird (see picture), after updating Natit.kext and ATIRadeonx2000.kext. Anybody can help me? Why it is happen? Thx
  7. I have tried this methode, but after restarting the display become black and white. How to solve this matter? Thx.
  8. What about Shapire HD 3850? I installed Leo4all 10.5.4 for AMD. there is package for 3850. is it works for my card? I am afraid when installing this driver it will broke the system after restart? Thanks
  9. How can I install kext, even entering the mac cannot? after installing xxx 10.5.6 on my vaio CR220E then reboot, my screen blank? please help me?
  10. CR220E

    I got problem on my vaio CR220E, after reboot the screen blank (white/black)....the chipset is Intel GMA965...Any suggestion? Thanks
  11. How to install the combination of kextx with kext helper app. repair permissions ?? I have Vaio CR220E and got problem on my screen (white and black) after installing XxX X86 10.5.6?? Thx