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  1. Help: G31M-ES2L Kit in Need

    And... I'm stuck already. Such a pain. Following the aforementioned guide, I got to the step where myHack is used to customize the bootable USB. However, I get this error when I try to launch myHack. I simply can't choose my USB flash drive as the destination, like the guide asks me to. Is there a better G31M-ES2L / retail DVD guide out there? I've got the DVD fully restored onto a USB with no issues at all. Just not sure where to go from here. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Help: G31M-ES2L Kit in Need

    Thanks for all your responses, McG. I should be doing this update either tonight or tomorrow. I'm sure I'll bounce back to this thread if something goes terribly wrong. Fingers crossed.
  3. Help: G31M-ES2L Kit in Need

    Is there any way to check other than looking at the motherboard itself? It's not really an option at the moment. And assuming I do the install for the wrong rev, what's the worst case scenario? No LAN or audio? Is that a relatively easy fix?
  4. Help: G31M-ES2L Kit in Need

    Thank you kindly for the response, friend. I'm not absolutely clueless when it comes to Hackintosh installs, but it's been years since I've had to work with DSDT, kexts, and things of the nature. That being said: what's the easiest way to check whether I've got a 1._ or a 2._?
  5. Hey there. I know I'm extremely late, but I dread updating my system as I'm sure many others do. Unfortunately, 10.5.8 is no longer cutting it for me and many of my applications... so I've decided to bite the bullet and buy a Snow Leopard DVD. At this point, I'd love to get the most up-to-date version of Snow Leopard or even Lion running on my system. This guide seems like the least amount of headaches for my setup, but the linked ES2L kit has been out of service for a while now. Does anyone have it, or a comparable kit I could use? Or even a better guide, if one's out there? I'd really like to get the ball rolling on this thing before the new year. If anyone can provide any help, I'd be most grateful. Cheers.
  6. Wrong sub-forum, sorry. Actual thread and proper location found here. Anyone can feel free to trash this thread.
  7. It Is Time

    Selfless bump. I'd really like to get this thing updated. I know there aren't as many hoops to jump through - compared to someone who didn't install via retail DVD - but I'd still appreciate the guidance. I also understand that people are busy; I don't know if it's against the rules of the board, but I'd be willing to give a token of appreciation to anyone who could see me through a successful update. Via Paypal, perhaps? Just throwing it out there.
  8. It Is Time

    So a few years ago, I turned to this forum (and a good friend) to assist in my first-ever Hackintosh project. And with the help of a few gentlemen / scholars, on this board, I was able to get a OSX86 machine that runs flawlessly. There is literally not a single aspect I'm unhappy with: sound, video, software compatibility, sleep functionality: you name it, it works. I'm now updating because a lot of my apps (or rather, their new features) are beginning to become incompatible with 10.5.7. I installed OSX with a retail disc. It's been a while since I delved into all the technicalities and lingo... but doesn't mean that I'm running a vanilla OS? (Or a vanilla install? Apologies for sounding like a total newbie. Again.) As mentioned, 10.5.6 was installed fresh from the disc. I had to jump through a few hoops getting sound to work, if I recall, but I installed 10.5.7 when it was issued. That's what I've been using for the past year or two. So now. 10.5.8. Am I safe to install straight from the System Update that I've been ignoring this whole time? Are there any guides I need to follow? [i did some Googling and didn't find much of anything.] Are there any files - Kexts or otherwise - that I need to download before upgrading? What do I need to back up? ... ... And is that done through copying, physically, or Terminal commands? Most importantly, I think, is my interest in reverting to back to a "safe" build in case things go terribly awry. Is there a way to make a carbon copy of my current settings and save them off to the side? - and revert back to them, in an absolute worst-case scenario? Here are some very basic hardware specs, if they're necessary; Model Name: Mac Model Identifier: G31M-ES2L Processor Speed: 3.17 GHz Number Of Processors: 1 Total Number Of Cores: 2 L2 Cache: 6 MB Memory: 4 GB Bus Speed: 1.33 GHz Boot ROM Version: MP31.006C.B05 Serial Number (system): W1234567890 If anyone can answer these questions, or cares to shed any additional information, I would be super grateful. Like many people, I use my machine on a daily basis. For leisure, work, and everything in between. I only plan on making this jump when all my ducks are in a row -- I really can't afford to be stuck with a bricked system. Much appreciation and best regards to anyone who may reply. Cheers.
  9. 883 AppleHDAController fix?

    Hmm... thanks for the link, but I just don't know. I ordered some quality speakers to go into the back of my setup, just a few days ago -- if they arrive and it turns out that I can simply plug my headphones into them and have quality sound, I think I'm not gonna' mess with anything else. It seems like way too much of a headache. When and if I ever need audio-in, I may end up giving it a go. This whole audio ordeal has me feeling like I'm walking on eggshells; I dread having to tweak AppleHDA or HDAEnabler ever again, unless I absolutely have to. But thanks again for the suggestion. I'll bookmark it for keeps sake.
  10. ALC883 SOUND INPUT? Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L mobo

    Anyone want to help a guy out? I'm sorry I can't help you anywhere near as much as you helped me out, Anorexorcist. Truly wish I could find a resolution for us, but I completely lack the technical skills to do so. I think you've got line-in, which is probably a step above me. Obviously we've got the same Mobo, and thus sound-chip... but I feel like I've been fighting just for any audio recognition. Sounds like you're mighty close to a proper setup, though: hang in there.
  11. 883 AppleHDAController fix?

    Made a bit of progress; check the above post. (= \edit\ R E S O L V E D. For whatever reason, my setup was prone to kernel panics right from the get-go, but only when selecting Shut Down. As determined on page one, Riws' modification of my HDA.kext solved that problem wonderfully. Anorexorcist's method in this thread is highly effective. It enabled all my devices, and required minimal work to setup. (Install, reboot, install, reboot, etc.) For me, personally, the last step -- to patch AppleHDA.kext -- left me with a bad HDA file. One that caused that one and only kernel panic to arrise time after time, when trying to shut down. So what did I do? - I found a middle ground. Tried to take the best of each method and merge them into one. I used Riws' original kernel-panic-free HDA.kext, and the HDAEnabler.kext that Anorexorcist recommended. I think followed up with this ALC883 patcher. The result is bitter-sweet, though mostly sweet: no kernel panics, but only one audio output. Mine is on the back of the PC. This can be easily remedied with a USB Soundcard, if you really need the extra audio ports. I plan on buying a speaker system of some sort with a headphone jack, built in, in hopes of countering the dilemma. Direct order of implementation: 01. Removal of existing AppleHDA and HDAEnabler kext files. 02. Reboot. 03. Installation of HDAEnabler.kext (through Kexthelper). 04. Reboot. 05. Installation of AppleHDA.kext (through Kexthelper). 06. Reboot. 07. Use of Realtek ALC883 patcher, found in this post. 08. Reboot. And that's it. I pray your luck with kernel panics isn't as severe as mine, and that Anorexorcist's walkthrough at the bottom of the last page will work for you. Thanks again for all the help, folks. If you ever had the spare time, Riws, I'd be eternally grateful if you could configure the AppleHDA.kext I've attached, to work with my hardware [much like you did on the first page]. The AppleHDA I've attached is the one that was patched through Anorexorcist's method. It gives me full hardware recognization and customization, but it causes a kernel panic at shut down. In the mean time, I'm more than happy with having just one solid output. Thanks a million for your help, guys. I truly mean it. AppleHDA.kext.zip
  12. 883 AppleHDAController fix?

    There are two devices: both named Intel High Definition Audio. The first has an ID of 0x1458A002, and the second is 0x174BAA18. I'm on the patch/code-dump step, which should warrant some results. Moments away from an epic failure or - ideally - success. /update/ Okay, so, I've been using OSX86Tools this whole time, but decided to try your Kexthelper, to follow your exact steps. I think I made some progress. Word for word, your instructions have provided me with; - A functioning volume icon/slider. - Compatible volume keys/controls - Three Output options, in the System Preferences/Sound pane (Line Out, Headphones, and Digital Out). - Sound through my right headphone speaker. Muffled, a bit, but it's there, but only when I set the sound to "Headphones". /update/+ For whatever reason, my front/headphone jack is... fubar. It beats the hell out of me. I'm only getting garbled sound out of the right ear. I plugged the exact pair into the back, though, and set the audio to the Built-in Line Out. Perfect quality in both speakers. It sucks to lose the front/headphone jack, for it's convenience, but I suppose I'll just have to count my blessings. I'll probably end up getting some speakers with an easily accessible headphone jack, and set them on the desk. Either way, the audio is up and running. Just need to double-check a possible kernel panic on Shut Down, as it did last time. If I don't get one, I think I'm finally in the clear. /update/++ FML. Kernel Panic. So not worth it. That Patcher is an absolute pain in the ass; I'd rather have a PC that shuts down properly, with a USB Sound-card sticking out of the back... then to have one with on-board audio that needs to be hard-shut down every time. Dammit. So, so close. Going to experiment with a few Kext combinations to see if I can't get better results. Part of me thinks that the headphone port just crapped out, and Riws' original kext to clear the Kernel Panics may let me have my cake and eat it, too.
  13. 883 AppleHDAController fix?

    Hmm. The headphones bit makes me wonder; I'm actually using headphones to do the testing, as I don't have speakers available at the moment. I'm plugging them into the front; should I be trying them on the back? Under System Preferences/Sound/Output, I have only one option made available: Line Out, described as a "Built-in Line Output" type. I'll try the headphones in the back, first, and if that doesn't work, I'll follow your steps word for word and see if I can't get a result. Random fact: whenever I run the Realtek Patcher, to enable the slider and volume icon, it apparently removes AppleHDA from my Extensions. HDAEnabler is still there, though. I wonder if I could just re-add AppleHDA and see if anything doesn't change...
  14. 883 AppleHDAController fix?

    I'll need a minute to try that out. I currently have no volume bar to adjust [and thus nothing detected]. I'm going to go ahead and run a tried-and-true patcher that hasn't given me problems (yet), and restart so I can at least have a slider/audio detection to work with. Then I'll definitely give that Audio Midi Setup a shot. /update/ Yeah, no. No sound trying the Midi-Click method. I noticed that the Value and dB change, appropriately, with my keyboard adjustment keys... but I'm just not getting any sound. Is there a configuration file with some specs that I can attach? Anything some code guru could glimpse through and identify as problematic? I feel like I'm running out of options, here.
  15. 883 AppleHDAController fix?

    So, being caught in my old-habits, I always Log Out and then select Restart, from the prompt/screen. [This was the method I would use to hard-shut down the PC, when I had to.] Should that make a difference... because a reboot is a reboot, right? Either way; upon selecting "Log Out", I got a blue screen... followed by the loading icon that took ages. It just spun, and spun.... and then stopped. Gave it a few more minutes, and then did a hard reset. I'll admit; I was deathly afraid of what I may find... but lo and behold, my PC booted up just fine. And I have the audio icon + slider back, but Still. No. Sound. Goodness gracious. I'm at a loss for options, here, which is a damn shame. Don't really care about input, but I'm a huge music junkie, and I had a taste of what it was like to run a Hackintosh with sound. And it was freaking awesome. The lack of it is killing me. /update/ What's more, the HDAPatcher definitely wrecked my AppleHDA.kext file. Got the typical Kernel Panic at shut down, that I thought I had put behind me. Since the patcher was rather useless, I think I'm falling back on those Taruga HDA[/Enabler] kexts for the time being.