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  1. Did you rerun the installation package to get the bootloader installed onto your boot drive ?
  2. does this apple bluetooth module work in windows? I got it working in OSX but it 's not detected at all in windows. The paired apple keyboard works in windows but i can't add new pairing since in control panel there is no bluetooth control icon.
  3. Has there been a updated patch released for the gm kext ?
  4. Lion GM Facetime error

    If it was a fakesmc issue would be easy but i couldn't get facetime to work on a real macbook pro.
  5. anyone use this bluetooth module in windows7 ? It don't seem to see a bluetooth control in control panels for it? my keyboard is paired with the module but i can't add my magic trackpad since i can't access the the bluetooth settings in control panel within windows 7
  6. Lion GM Facetime error

    Could you export your certs so we could import it in ours ?
  7. Lion GM Facetime error

    Doesn't work with my macbook pro so i don't think it's a hackintosh issue.
  8. Andy every time i rerun your p8p67 pro package i can't seem to boot back into OSX and need to do a reinstall of some sort. Is there a process i need to do before running the pkg file again ontop of the current install? Like i'll get the cross out logo over the apple logo during bootup after a bit of time.
  9. Thanks Andy I got it working. Now on to getting it to sleep properly.
  10. Lion GM Facetime error

    Can anyone export or post their certs? I don't have any certs either in keychains.
  11. I keep getting a kernel panic booting form chameleon selecting the usb drive. Gets a kernel mismatch error.
  12. How do you get dual monitor working on the internal two dvi ports? It installed ok then right after rebooting with the p8p67 package for ati6000 package it just shows on a single display. Can anyone help?
  13. Once you boot off the disc and you see andys boot cd. Switch to your snow leopard disc and hit refresh it'll show mac osx install then hit enter.
  14. I have a AMD 6870 how do i enable dual dvi on my XFX amd card? I can't get the second display to come on.
  15. are you using the H50 water cooler? SO far my system has been rpetty stable using the generic Kakewalk 2.1 install and no other custom files. I haven't monitor cpu temperature yet but i guess i should take a look at it.