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  1. @cyberdevs tested 4 hdds 3 WD/one seagate no work on hs/via sata or seagate backup plus usb 3.0 drive caddy also kingston ssd now v300 60gb not working. only one working so far is toshiba ssd q series pro 256gb. not tested samsung 850 pro 128gb yet. testing done via clover 4098 and beta1and hfsplus and apfs.efi from beta 2

  2. i had apfs in rom which got me to 2nd stage 22 mins then crash.made a new defaults.plist with the bios date change but never got to test the fix as my ga pos z97m-ds3h went into a reboot loop hell and not fixable. ordered a new asrock z97m anniversary to play with.