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  1. D-Link Shareport for Mac

    Intel MacI just upgraded my DIR-825 firmware to 1.10ß as described by D-Link and loaded the new OSX version of Shareport to an Intel Mac running 10.4.11. Both the HFS+ and FAT32 partitions on my Maxtor OT4+ external drive were available and working. PPC Mac Installing the same Shareport software on a PPC iMac running OS X 10.4.11 failed. Checking directories, it loaded the Shareport.app in the Applications folder and the help files into Library/Preference/D-Link/etc., but won't put the SXUPTP.kext in the system/library/extensions folder, and truncates the installation. I tried loading a copy of the SXUPTP.kext from my Intel MacBook into the extensions folder manually, but that gave me an error message on start up that it had been installed incorrectly. I deleted both the Shareport.app file and the SXUPTP.kext file. I found a download for a Belkin hub and inside the zip there's another Silex_kext.pkg file of a different size. This one installed without a hitch(it's a different version of the SXUPTP.kext that wouldn't install above). I reinstalled the Shareport.app, but when I opened it, nothing looked much different - the Shareport Utility main page is still not seeing the drive and the tools don't work, but....... A right click on the Shareport icon in the dock gave a pull up menu that said "Maxtor One-Touch" and offered a "connect" option. Connect worked and the drive was available. Ejecting the drive in Finder before disconnecting in Shareport was required, again using the right click trick on the dock icon. Disconnecting in Shareport before Finder crashed the computer and required a reboot. A couple of times it even made the hard drive disappear and it had to be restarted as well. Connecting and reconnecting is a problem. Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn't. The disconnect is especially buggy. It randomly crashes an otherwise super stable Mac that gives me ZERO problems. While it would have been nice to have the GUI and USB access working for both Macs, I can only get mine to work reliably on the Intel version. Realistically, only the D-Link Help files work on the PPC Mac. I hard reconnected my external hard drive to my iMac desktop with the firewire and have gone back to using the HD-desktop-router-laptop connection to access files. It's been very reliable. Maybe D-Link will get the Shareport and SXUPTP problems sorted out in time, but maybe getting the Shareport feature to work on the newer Macs is enough. In perfect hindsight, if I needed a reliable network hard drive and printer that worked with a variety of Macs, I'd pay a little extra and buy the slower, shorter-range router with the apple on the back.