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  1. Hi. Thank you for the guide. I have similar setup: SSD drive as boot drive, main os on RAID0 called mirror and one more drive called alt_boot for experiments. My SSD drive is marked as active and I have copy of boot on all volumes, plus regular stuff with copy of boot1h using dd to all mirror members. I am using Carbon Copy to clone mirror to alt_boot. Issue is that because I have raid volume UUID in plist file on my boot disk under /extra/com.apple.boot.plist it will not boot to anything else. Not specifying UUID will result in no booting at all. Issue is that even if I select to boot to alt_boot, it is still booting to mirror volume. I might have messed it up somehow.... Any ideas would be helpful.
  2. Running Hackintosh in public place

    I got this question when people see my dual screen setup. The best (and the closest) so far was "Is this a new Linux version of some kind?" I just answer - "no, it is OS X". Most of the people than just stop asking further, but still look with interest on my black Antec box with lots of Blue led fans....
  3. Snow Leopard on Intel DX58SO

    Finally fixed and got stable install: Juiceman install did not work for me as it requires 10.5.5. to be installed on ACHI in BIOS and I had iAtkos installed on IDE. Boot image is not working for some reason, gives me not boot errors listed on this forum. Here is how it worked solid for me: Install hackintosh using this guide (http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=183391&pid=1282422&mode=threaded&start=#entry1282422) and retail dvd installation with latest Chamelion installation for /Extra (option with 2 HDDs). Download /E/E content from blackosx (http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=180954) manual and replace content of /E/E. Use network driver kext provided here for install. Don't install VoodooHDA yet. Make sure you can boot to 64-bit. Here is the layout of kexts: the script's folders to snow - Extra: ATA VERSION ARCH SIZE DESTINATION 1) AppleIntelPIIXATA.kext 2.5.1 x86_64 280K /System 2) IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector.kext 1.1.1 N/A 4K /Extra 3) JMicronATA.kext 1.0.0 x86_64 180K /System Audio 4) HDAEnabler.kext 1.0.0d1 x86_64 108K /Extra 5) LegacyHDA.kext 888 N/A 72K /Extra Graphics 6) ATY_Init.kext 1.0.0d1 i386 520K /Extra Networking 7) RealtekR1000SL.kext 2.0.0d1 x86_64 256K /System Misc Patches 8) fakesmc.kext 2 x86_64 124K /System 9) NullCPUPowerManagement.kext 1.0.0d2 x86_64 116K /System 10) OpenHaltRestart.kext 2.1.0 x86_64 100K /System 11) PlatformUUID.kext 1.0.0 x86_64 104K /System Kernel & matching kext (No files present to install) Once you are OK booting 64-bit, you can put VoodooHDA in using Kexthelper. VoodooHDA.kext 164k in size provided for most of links will give you choppy video with ATI HD4870 card if installed and run under 32bit. Works Ok in 64bit install though. This is why its important to fix 64 bit boot first. Reboot with not options specified. Now you should have sound working OK...
  4. Snow Leopard on Intel DX58SO

    I have it all running fine. ioreg reports 64bit EFI, but in about 64bit extensions and kernel reported as No. Who to believe ? Still did not resolve issue with audio. Voodoo driver sort of working but as soon as it is installed video playback jumps or freezes periodically. I have ATI card XFX hd4870. Not sure if can be fixed, I tried many versions of Voodoo kexts, with no or same bad results, i.e. choppy video etc. If voodoo removed, video is OK, but no sound. Would appreciate help or advise from people who got it working ... Thanks
  5. Final Cut 7 issue on Snow Leo 10.6

    I think I found that is the problem (still wondering how to fix it). VoodooHDA kext file I have introduces this issue. Even in Quick time I see similar problem if kext applied. As soon as I remove it and reboot, all video works well, no sound though .... Please PM me link where you got your kext file ... All I have found on the net introduces this issue to me. Appreciate your help.
  6. Snow Leopard on Intel DX58SO

    I have it running as well, however need to specify -v arch=i386 all the time for it to boot OK. Issue is with VoodooHDA driver - as soon as installed, video playback in quick time breaks. Plus sound output available only from Digital Out. I have 10.5.5. running as other partition, that works just great. Still would love to move to 10.6. Used 2nd method, 1 and 3rd did not work for me. Would appreciate any help.
  7. What am I doing wrong with Final Cut Pro 7

    FCP will only require rendering if video/audio streams of your Sequence are different from the ones you have on your imported clips. For me most of the time I see request for rendering after doing manipulations in Motion and bringing back them to FCP. Agree with the note above about knowing the basics. FCP is one of the most powerful tools out if you know what to do and how to do it fast. Tons of training on torrents sites (copies of video tutorials etc). Gave me lots of boost after learning from professionals who are working on it from day one of the product. The same is true for some transitions. Sometimes you need to render. I guess if you try anisotropic DV your requirements to render are less often for starters. Plus anisotropic can scale easily. Also most of apple native formats are OK too. I love Apple ProRes 422. No need to blame the tools if you did not read the manual (at least once). Good luck and happy video editing.
  8. It's done via keytext editor. Apply keytext and get your 1GB LAN up. PM if you need more help.
  9. Hi. Have strange issue with freshly installed final cut studio 3. HW: cpu = i7. mobo = intel extreme dx58so, video = XFX HD4870, HDD = 2x1TB Barracuda. OS : 10.6 (installed using method with 2 hdds and patch_installer.) Issue at a glance: Final cut 7 got issues playing video even in preview. I noticed that time goes 1.5 times faster or so. So, video plays for 1-2 sec and freeze, while slider is still going. Once stopped, picture will update to current frame. I though this may be related to incorrectly reported CPU data. In about this mac it shows 1 cpu with 4 cores. (?!). Performance monitor however shows 8 bars. Most load is shown on bar 1 3 5 7, but other bars shows some minimum load as well. I think this may full FC ... I checked time - it goes correctly. If you saw this before, would appreciate some input I have second boot as 10.5.5 iAtkos with FC Studio 2. No issues, all works well on the same HW. 10.5.5 reports 0 CPUs with 8 cores.
  10. Yep, yet FC Studio2 ask for Video card with QE and OpenGL... so, why ask if not using them?