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  1. Yes, It works with Renesas upd7202XX.
  2. Hm, I don't have sleep issues on ASM1042 installed to ExpressCard slot on my MBP. System sleeps well with it under 10.8.5/10.9.
  3. Yes. It's related to UAS drives insert. Sometimes there is hot plug event after this (on init of that streams?). There is no such behavior at all (not tested much) with streams disabled. So, if it happens often, people can add <DisableUAS><true/> to plist and avoid this situation.
  4. Yes ) It's random ) 3 reboots: 1st: card not detected at all (I need not reboot but power off even to reinitialize it's buggy fw). 2nd one - card detected, disappeared after UAS drive insert. 3rd reboot: card detected, not hot plugged on UAS drive insert, works fine with streams. So, probably we don't need disable streams for it in general. Just add a note for such users about it happens sometimes on UAS drives under 10.9? ;-) Nec one always detected on insert before boot, on hot plug in live system, etc ) but it's slower a bit and doesn't work with my second not UAS enclosure ) And I'm not sure which PCIe revision both.
  5. Yup. that's the point. My ASMedia never appears again after card reconnect until reboot. But with 1.2.8d1 it was "hot plugged" in syslog with streams enabled on UAS drive connection. With 1.2.7 all is fine. It doesn't "hot plug" so correctly works with streams enabled. And I bet any hardwired card will work also. Is there in that binary (1.2.8d1 ticket16_4) any more changes which can affect hotplug behavior? So, you can remove that errata with option to disable streams in plist in case it fail on systems like mine (but it actually doesn't do so anymore).
  6. What to say: now it's almost perfect on 10.8.5. ASM1042 even correctly works there with streams enabled and NTFS formatted UAS drive connected. Strange thing is: I updated from 1.2.8d1 to fixed 1.2.7 on 10.9, added <key>DisableUAS</key><false/> to it, and now it works with streams here also. No card disconnect on streams init. I dunno why ) So, 1.2.7 works with streams on 10.9 now too ;-)
  7. Already done. I set <key>DisableUAS</key> <false/> And card not detected on boot. If I plug drive on live system with detected ASM1042 it silently disappears from system without any errors (PCI bus reconnect). But, with disabled streams <key>DisableUAS</key> <true/> it works fine with UAS enclosure. Even faster than NEC with 5 endpoints on small transfers. Maybe with SSD we'll se the streams win on NEC ;-) I think it's better to leave it disabled for ASM1042 but with ability to turn it on with Info.plist key <key>DisableUAS</key> <false/> (for tests). Maybe, if we'll find a way to enable it on 10.9, it will work without transfer errors. I see spurious transfer events with UAS on NEC but it doesn't affect usage. Do you need performance tests about max linear transfers on this cards (I can try it with UAS + SSD later)? p.s. Can't test it on 10.8.5:
  8. Just WOW! Now it finally works on 10.9. It even outperform my NEC in BOT mode (same disk and AJA settings). p.s. I experimented with CalDigit USB 3.0 driver on 10.9. There is interesting message about maximum block size and transformations yn syslog on disk / driver load: so, they somehow change that values from driver itself without USBFamily modification.
  9. Zenith432, here is output from last GenericUSBXHCI on ASM1042: I think best option for ASM1042 users just stick on 10.8.5+ ;-)
  10. Hm, It's still buggy on 10.9. BOT disk SanDisk Extreme. Can't write much. I give up ) Switched to NEC. It works like a charm on 10.9 even in UAS mode )
  11. At least it works on 10.8.5 with streams disabled. But, on 10.8.4 with 1.2.7, <key>DisableUAS</key> <true/> do nothing. Still "Configured Endpoints 5" and errors with it (applied, according to ioreg). I made full output of xhcidump (caps running slots endpoints 1 bandwidth) on 10.8.4 and 10.9 with the same driver and disk. All the same... More interesting diff in IOReg for driver: So, in 10.9 we have increased block size and count, maybe that's the reason? Also, can't understand, why "DisableUAS" = Yes only set in 10.9 and what's that "this" = 0xffffff8030249000 on 10.8.4 ;-) p.s. 10.8.5 fixed "this" ) xhcidump-ioreg-asm1042-10.8.4.txt xhcidump-ioreg-asm1042-10.9.txt
  12. here it is ;-) p.s. Those asm1042 so Chinese ;-) From firmware to behavior ;-) output-extreme-asm1042.txt
  13. Yup. I explored the code and seen you disabled UAS for ASM1042. So, there is no issues on 10.8 anymore ;-) I also upgraded to 10.9 and here is the strange thing with that ASM1042 (so, it's some kind of 10.8 -> 10.9 OS changes). It uses 3 endpoints with my flash disk (not UAS one). It acts exactly as it was on 10.8 with streams enabled and UAS-compatible disk connected on HFS volume: disk mounted, you can read and write small amounts of data. You will get an error -36 on big writes. AJA system test will report weird enormous big values for write speed amounts. NTFS volume mounted RO (the same ufsd_NTFS error as it was on 10.8 with streams enabled). The only diff in 10.8 (1.2.7d8) -> 10.9 (1.2.7) in xhcidump caps / running, is: # Short Transfers with Success Code 26622 on 10.9 Can we enable some more debugging to find what's the problem in that chipset? Nec upd720202 works perfectly on 10.9 in both UAS and BOT mode. Only strange thing is AJA test. It also give me wrong results but there is no errors on file writes and speeds are fine. p.s. Weird AJA test results on 10.9 somehow related to it's preferences about file IO API. Works well with "Unix" settings, weird with "Macintosh" settings on 10.9. On 10.8 "Macintosh" is default setting in AJA and it works correctly there (but not in case of streams enabled drive connected to ASM1042 with 1.2.6 driver)... xhcidump-1042-10.9.txt
  14. Alter some more testing, I was wrong. ASM1042 doesn't work in UAS mode well on any FS. In case of HFS+, I can read contents, I can write small files, but on big amounts of data writes it gives me an error (-36). Spotlight can't finish index volume. Also, there is weird values for writes in AJA System Test with such volume. It not firmware dependent. Flashed my card with Asus's xHCI_v120816_02_02_6D, original xHCI_v110930_00_02_53, earlier xHCI_v110914_00_02_51. All the same. Not tested only HighPoint's one, it's for DOS flasher. It's all about native HFS+ volume. In BOT there is no issues. So, at least for now, it's better to fallback to BOT for ASM1042. UAS also disabled in Windows 8 native and ASMedia driver for this chipset. So, the best external option for mac is Renesas upd720202 as I understand ;-) It supports streams well and works like a charm (hotpug). It even works in UAS mode (if supported) on Windows 8 native driver ;-) asm1042.txt