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  1. OK thank you for all of the help. I have found that on a fresh install, using FakeSMC AND AppleACPIPlatformRollback (10.9.5) will eliminate my kernel_task problems! However, once I install IOATAFamily.kext (I must do this as it is the only thing I have found which will recognize the internal SATA drives), I get this new problem below. It goes through the complete boot sequence, and then, nothing. Black screen. Tried GraphicsEnabler=Yes and GraphicsEnabler=No, and still nothing. What about the combination of AppleACPIPlatformRollback and IOATAFamily.kext would affect the graphics in any way? To be clear, due to my bios not supporting AHCI mode to install I must boot from USB installer and install to an external USB drive. I then boot from that drive using the USB installer (and rd=disk0s2), do all of the OSX setup, and install the kexts. It isn't until I install IOATAFamily.kext that I can get the machine to read any SATA devices at all. This isn't my video btw, but it is an example of what is happening. It gets to the end of the normal verbose boot sequence, and then when it's ready to load, simply goes blank. And one more thing- GFX card is a Nvidia GTX 660 2gb.
  2. No PS2 kexts. IOATAFamily.kext is what I needed to get the machine to recognize Internal SATA drives. Correct- there is no BIOS option for AHCI on the Dell I do notice on verbose boot that it will not load AppleIntelPowerManagement kext due to AHCI or something- not sure that is related I will have to take a picture of the exact message once I get back from work.
  3. Thanks for the help. Yes 1st gen 920 Core i7 (2.66ghz), X58, 1336. I tried installing the latest FakeSMC and modifying the SMBIOS- now kernel panic so I am trying a fresh re-install. The only extra kexts that I have installed are FakeSMC (1394 - SDK 10.10) AHCI_3rdParty_SATA (0.5) AppleIntelIE100e (3.2.4) IOATAFamily (2.5.1) Just finished the reinstall and loading of kexts- still no go Might just have to purchase a new barebones system- using OEM hardware is troublesome.
  4. Yes, it was downloaded from another non-Hackintosh Mac.
  5. I recently did a clean install of 10.11 on my Dell 435mt, which ran 10.8.5 just fine for several years. After jumping though the install hoops (mostly internal SATA problems with IOFamily.kext), and installing the bare minimum Kexts (FakeSMC)- I have a process in Activity Monitor called kernel_task that runs at ~100% constantly. CPU cores are at 66-67C, ambient is pushing 90C, fans running. However, I booted back into my 10.8.5 clone- kernel_task runs at the 3-4% it should, all CPUs are at 49-51C. How could I go about figuring out diagnosing this problem? I also tried 10.10- same issue. I assume this must be some kind of problem with the FakeSMC kext readout of MB sensors?
  6. I wanted to update my 10.8.5 system on Chameleon 2.0 to El Captain, I downloaded Chameleon Enoch r2779 and installed it on my system. Now I have a kernel panic. Verbose mode shows that it first hangs on Appleintelcpupowermanagementclient: Ready. If I use ncpi=0x3000, I can get past that, and then it gets stuck on the infamous Still Waiting For Root Device. How can I get past this? It seems as though everything I find on this error is in regards to a fresh install, whereas mine has been running fine until now. All I did was update the bootloader. No perhiphals are plugged in, and my BIOS settings look OK. Can I also just revert somehow to my original Chameleon boot loader just so I can get this running again and worry about 10.11 later? I do have an up-to-date time machine backup.
  7. [GUIDE] Installing Leopard on Dell Studio XPS i7

    Hello, is there anyone with a 435 MT who has 8 cores showing up on i7 920? The most I can enable using BIOS settings are 4 cores, and in About This Mac it shows up as 2 Dual Core. Also, firewire does not seem to work for me. Drives are powered but no communication. I cannot receive internet over firewire earlier. If anyone knows of this please let me know.
  8. dsdt Dell Studio i7

    Did you find a solution? I am trying to get all cores working and showing up properly.
  9. I just got an Acer H213H monitor as an external use for my Macbook pro and the refresh rates on the acer state Horizontal 67khz and Vertical 60khz however in the apple display dialog I can only set a general refresh rate at 60, and therefore I have trailing horizontal lines on visualizations and screen savers cause the refresh rates aren't sync'd, so how can I get my apple to config my horizontal and vertical refresh rates appropriately?
  10. My Macbook pro, 2.33ghz generation, is plauged with that buzzing sound that occurs when the laptop is at less than full brightness. According to various internet threads, the display inverter is faulty and apple acknowledges the problem, and recommends sending it into apple care. However, my laptop is out of warranty and I don't want to both pay apple money sending it in and be without it for a week just to fix a minor annoyance, so I was wondering if any one had any success at replacing the Macbook Pro display inverter. I am looking at buying this, and trying it myself- http://www.yallstore.com/laptop-repl...15-p-2881.html is this something worth trying? has anyone had any success with this?