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  1. Safari - flash plugin und reload errors

    same problem here 8800GTX , GraphicsEnabler=Yes
  2. AUDIO

    Why not buy a cheap usb audio ( 5-8 Euro`s ) So I did and no more patching , tweaking ........... Works Vanilla on both SL + Lion regards Josh
  3. Chameleon 2.4svn Official PKG Installer

    Thanks Rednous ! regards Josh
  4. Chameleon 2.4svn Official PKG Installer

    Well Done ! I really Love it . thanks to everyone involved. 1 Question plz How can I force the boot menu , without hitting F8 all the time ? regards Josh
  5. help on 8800 GTX - cursor color

    Hello , Havin a GF 8800 GTX running on 10.6.4. Everything works just fine , except for a curious behavior when changing screenres. If I change Screenres oder enter/exit a game , my mousepointer and spinning wheel gets blue. I can either log out and back in or send my Hack to sleep for a second to get back the black Mousepointer/spinning wheel. Any Ideas ? Have tried GraphicsEnabler instead of EFI String , booting 32 / 64 bit with no results kind regards Mac_Dude
  6. Hi all If I run kextutility I get waiting for DSMOS - DSMOS arrived message If I run pfix , the DSMOS error is gone - but CPU-i is showing only CPU1 . running kextutility again - DSMOS waiting is back - but CPU-i shows CPU0 + CPU1 What is different on kextutility compared to pfix ? Would be cool to have both , no waiting DSMOS and both CPU`s on CPU-i. Sysmonitor is showing both cpu cores no matter if pfix or kextutility was choosen. Also Geekbench has same results on both methods , so maybe just cosmetic issue that CPU-i only shows CPU1.? any ideas ? regards Josh
  7. DSDT editor and patcher

    Hello I edited the speedstep.txt to work with Intel C2D E7300 CPU / added 5-Pstates http://www.flickr.com/photos/52044510@N03/...812657/#preview regards Mac_Dude 5_states__cpu0_3.txt
  8. extract with Pacifist , so you dont need to change smbios.plist. just copy the kexts to S/E/E and run pfix ( clear cache / set permission) and reboot regards
  9. Working for my 7300 GS extracted with Pacifist , copied to my S/E/E on test partition. Bootet into test partition - No QE/CI first time Run pfix rebootet and yeah - works just fine Have Vanilla SL 10.6.4 regards
  10. 10.6.3 bootet nur im Safe mode

    @Nexos™ Ich nutze keinen nvenabler sondern auch EFI String Aber in 64bit bleibt er im Blauen Screen hängen. LG Jürgen
  11. 10.6.3 bootet nur im Safe mode

    bleibe auch beim Blauen Bildschirm höngen. Ausser ich boote mit -x32 -v , dann gehts ohne probleme. LG Jürgen "EDIT" Hallo Problem gefunden ! Grafikkarte ( GForce 7300 ) geht nur in 32 bit mode Mit den 10.6.1 kext geht 64bit aber ohne QE/CL. LG Jürgen
  12. 10.6.3 thread

    Bei funktioniert soweit alles ( HDA.kext von 10.6.2 und neuen Sleepenabler ) Allerdings muss ich mit -x32 -v booten , da ich sonst beim blauen Bildschirm hängen bleib. Hat jemand ne lösung dafür ? "EDIT" Hallo Problem gefunden ! Grafikkarte ( GForce 7300 ) geht nur in 32 bit mode Mit den 10.6.1 kext geht 64bit aber ohne QE/CL. LG Jürgen
  13. You can ignore that message ! Check out about on Apple page http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1448?viewlocale=en_US
  14. Sleep on x64?

    Well , I have SleepEnabler.kext in /E/E Folder and sleep works well execpt for autosleep x64 enabled