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  1. Could it be due to vista not being the last partition on the first disk or because the partition containing the stage1 and stage2 is not at the beginning. I may try installing grub on a small partition on the second drive. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi thanks for all the hard work, though i'm not having success. I'm trying to get the extra sata ports for my bluray drive to be seen in vista 64-bit. I've done it several times, but after install of grub i end up with GRUB> flashing cursor I have two drives. Second drive just has data partitions, nothing else. Main drive is like this: efi Osx unallocated space vista 64-bit ubuntu 9.04 (64-bit) I'm using the ubuntu /boot/grub directory for booting With the ubuntu install grub is set up properly. I copied the patched stage1, stage2 and menu.lst over (have corrected the menu.lst to give root (hd0,2) for vista partition. I read that grub should be reinstalled to get the stages properly recognized. I went through the instructions (note - i'm installing from command prompt in ubuntu 9.04 live cd mode terminal. Sorry for any unclearness - bit late and i need to go to sleep. Help would be greatly appreciated.